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La Salita Café, Revolutionizing the Connection Between Artist and Audience

Preserving the poetic and Islands culture


San Juan, Puerto Rico -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2014 -- Jessica Muñoz-Vuillet has just unveiled her project called La Salita Café. She is raising money for a new spoken word, poetry and live music eco-friendly café that can change the way individuals think about poetry and culture. Currently local grassroots café’s and clubs are becoming more commercialized or mainstream and are devoting less time to the artists and open mic. And for this reason, many even believe that poetry is a dying art. The creator has supplied all the resources to make this product possible, now she just needs the funding for growth.

This could be a game changer on the Island because they are the entire package; preserving the culture of Puerto Rico, artistic expression all in a sustainable café which offers organic yet traditional Caribbean dishes. Now with the combination of expression offered at the café (poetry, art exhibitions, independent film screenings, live folk music) individuals can enjoy all of what the Islands culture has to offer in one really cool place. And with the collaborative efforts on the Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign page, the benefits of this platform can reach a much larger demographic of people. With a contribution this amazing platform can be a reality.

La Salita Café is an ambitious initiative with strong values:

Inspire positive social consciousness

Empower, support and promote emerging local talent

Link similar creative organizations

Encourage local organic agriculture

“I truly believe this project is something special and one that deserves a chance. I hope people feel as inspired as we are and support our campaign by pledging”, says Jessica Muñoz-Vuillet. “Plus, our campaign offers some really cool and kick-ass backer gifts”.

The kickstarter campaign for this progressive concept is live now with less than 3 weeks left to reach their goal. Kickstarter is all or nothing. So, if the funding goal is reached then they can finally launch and provide the platform to the artists and audience. If the funding goal is not reached, then they get nothing and the Kickstarter Team will never charge donor’s cards.

It will be fascinating to see how this new café idea is accepted amongst peers. With so much success and positive feedback so far, Muñoz-Vuillet hopes to reach her funding goal, but it will have to be through shared efforts. The campaign offers some really incredible backer gifts to all of their funders, like a personalized tour guide, having a dish named after you, exclusive invites to private parties, limited edition T-shirts and more. This will be a campaign to watch.

Jessica Muñoz-Vuillet, Founder of La Salita Café

About Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding enables people with a great business idea to ask the general public for the funding they need to set up or expand. It’s a great platform used for individuals who can’t otherwise find the funding through traditional avenues. A majority of the projects are creative or artistic ones. To start, the entrepreneur sets a target for the money he or she wants to raise and explains how these funds will be used. People can then make pledges for small amounts of money in return for a reward if the target is reached.