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Label Print Canada Kicks off a Brand Awareness Campaign Aided by Custom Decals

Label Print Canada reports brand awareness remains critical if a business wishes to succeed and offers a multitude of products designed to increase this awareness


Victoria, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- According to Marketing Insights from 5MetaCom, 70 percent of buyers must be aware of a product before 25 percent choose to make it their preference. Therefore, brand awareness needs to be high if a company wishes to make their brand a favorite of consumers, and the company compiled this data by researching more than a thousand products across 95 categories. Companies wishing to increase their brand awareness to see similar success need to consider making use of custom decals, and this is especially true for those companies offering electronics, medical systems, and other high switching cost and risk products.

"Customers associate a company with their logo. Extensive research shows members of the target audience gravitate to those products which they have seen in successive advertisements, ads which contain the logo. In fact, this same research reveals consumers tend to develop interest in a product and wish to learn more with repetition. Custom decals provide this repetition," Lara Burke, spokesperson for Label Print Canada (, declares.

Custom decals may be used in a wide variety of ways. One may choose to display the decal in their vehicle window or reward visitors at a marketing event with the decals. Companies often choose to apply the decals to their products and services, in order to bring more attention to salient features of the product. The key to success lies in creating the perfect decal.

"To offer the maximum benefit, decals need to come with artwork and messaging which is specific to the business. Businesses often choose to use different messages, based on the type of custom decal selected. For example, a dealership decal may feature one message, while a static cling decal may come with another. Consistency remains key when it comes to marketing materials, therefore the business needs to ensure the logo or other specific brand feature is present on each item presented," Burke goes on to say.

Consider reflective decals for hard hats and heavy industrial equipment, security decals for employees, and window decals to present to customers. With many types of decals to select from, finding the perfect one has never been easier. In fact, many clients now opt to purchase custom decals in conjunction with bumper stickers, embossed seals, and more. One cannot have too much exposure when it comes to their brand and Label Print Canada understands this.

"Visit Label Print Canada ( to learn more about custom decals and many other products designed to help raise brand awareness. Some companies opt to purchase a seal, yet others find they benefit more from custom labels. Label Print Canada provides a wide range of products to make it easier for clients to find those which best meet their needs and help them achieve their business goals," Burke proclaims.

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Label Print Canada remains the country's premier label printing service, offering fast turnaround times, quality custom labels, affordable prices, outstanding customer service, and more, just as they have been doing for more than 15 years. Furthermore, the company assists consumers in need of customer decals or bumper stickers, dealership decals, embossed and anniversary seals, and more. All one needs to do is ask and Label Print Canada goes into action, doing everything possible to meet the needs of the client.