Labeling Clothes Made Easy with Name Tapes and Labels


Askim, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- Name Tapes and Labels is a label making company that provides people with an artistic way to tag and label their items, belongings and garments. Recently Name Tapes and Labels has launched two new kinds of name tapes.

- Woven name tapes in mixed colors
- Woven name tapes Rainbow-colored

Name Tapes and Labels make personalization of clothes and fabrics much more interesting; by adding a touch of customized sophistication, Name tapes have been a conventional way of identifying and personalizing garments. Name tapes are easy to use and are long lasting.

Name tapes and labels can be used for personalizing any garment. They can be sewn to kids clothing and other personal items which kids might lose such as jackets and coats in school or at a friend’s house. The tags can be added to textiles or to brand items and accessories. The woven name tapes are great for people who make garments and accessories to sell. All the material is hand woven and comes from the highest quality available from Northern Europe. The width of the tapes is 10mm which means there is enough space to write a person’s name or a brands name in clear visible letters, the customers can chose different styles of text and different colors. The creative team behind Name Tapes and Labels has successfully created artful masterpieces in both cotton materials as well as in polyester which are soft enough for use on kids clothing. Standards woven name tapes cost fewer than 20 Euros. The text size and the font use are some of the factors taken into account when custom tapes or labels are produced.

The name tapes at Name tapes and labels have taking woven name tapes creativity to a whole new level, rather than the customer having to choose only one single color, the company has introduced a truly unique product which allows the text on the woven name tapes to be all the colors of the rainbow, kids love the interesting effect this creates.

About have been selling woven name tapes since 1968, the company takes great in creating high quality woven name tapes that are cool, funky and allow the customers to have a personalized design on their name tapes; the name tapes also have a 10 year warranty which speaks volumes about the quality of the name tapes the company manufactures and to top it all off the company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Name tapes and labels declare:

“Some our clients have asked why we offer a 10-year warranty as the kids, whose clothes we have labeled will be almost grown up after 10 years. In short, we offer the guarantee because we can!”

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Askim, Sweden