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Laboratory Automation Company Joins Human Workers with Robots


Springfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2014 -- Hudson Robotics is proud to see human employees working side-by-side with robotics. Laboratory automation handles a variety of routine lab tasks once done by researchers. This gives researchers more time for data analysis and other important tasks.

According to USA Today, a robot recently worked 2,160 hours straight in an injection molding company in Pennsylvania. This mundane work was formerly performed by six employees, with two on each shift. Finding people to do this monotonous and dirty work was difficult. Hudson Robotics develops laboratory automation to handle basic jobs such as microplate handling and liquid handling.

A reduced number of skilled employees and a reduction in certain grants have fewer people working in laboratory research facilities. Hudson Robotics creates laboratory automation solutions to take care of certain tasks that were previously handled by human workers. As a result, laboratories can conduct research faster and release important results to the public.

Industries ranging from warehouses to medical research labs are taking advantage of advanced technologies to perform routine jobs. Hudson Robotics works with medical professionals help facilities become more productive through the use of innovative laboratory automation. In the near future, humans and robots could be working together in a variety of different settings including retail and certain factories.

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Hudson Robotics produces laboratory automation products, software and systems to boost life science research efforts. Both new and existing systems are integrated into a variety of creative laboratory automation solutions.

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