Labour Could Win the General Election if They Relaxed Term Time Holiday Ban Says

A survey launched by, found if Labour relaxed the ban on taking children out of school during term time or removed the ban, they could win the next General Election.


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2015 -- According to political experts, the next General Election could be the close result. However, a recent survey that was launched by found that Ed Miliband could be the next Prime Minister if he done the right thing and relaxed the Term Time Holiday ban or removed the ban altogether.

The conservative government have made some unpopular choices since they came to power, but one decision that has made David Cameron less popular than Katie Hopkins is the term time holiday ban. Although some parents understand it is important for children to receive a good education, parents are angry with the ban that has caused thousands of families to miss their yearly holiday.

Since 2013, parents in England who would like to take their children out of school during the term time are issued with a fine. The new rule was brought in by former education secretary Michael Grove, who many parents, teachers, and councillors feel was not thought through properly. The school ban has brought hardship to people wishing to give their children a well-deserved holiday.

The school ban has resulted in parents being forced to pay a higher amount for their holiday while families who cannot afford the higher fees are left without a holiday. who has monitored the school ban and how it has affected families in England, has warned the government the ban needs to be relaxed.

The cheap airport car parking experts has said travel agents are taking advantage of the school ban and have increased the price of holidays when children are not in school. A spokesman for the airport car parking experts has said travel agents know parents can only take their children on holiday when schools are closed, which means they are forced to pay the higher prices. surveyed 1000 parents and asked them if Labour relaxed the school ban or removed the school if they would receive their vote. The survey results are as follows:

610 parents said they would vote for Labour if Ed Miliband removed or relaxed the school ban

70 parents said they would consider voting for Labour if they removed or relaxed the school ban

320 parents said they would not vote for Labour if they removed or relaxed the school ban.

The results of the survey found, if Labour promised to relax or remove the school ban, then Ed Miliband could become the next Prime Minister.

A spokesman for said: "Parents are struggling to afford a holiday abroad due to the school ban. When children are off school, travel agents increase their prices. With the results of our survey, it shows how angry parents are over the ban, and if Ed Miliband promised to relax or remove the school ban, he could become the new Prime Minister."

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