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Lack of Activity in Youth Can Lead to Mental Degeneration Later On


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- There has been a recent push for increasing activity in the teenage population, and with good reason. The earlier a person begins establishing healthy habits, the better their overall health is throughout their life. But recently studies have revealed other reasons it’s important to become active early on in life. There was a recent study from Sweden that showed higher risk of dementia development at age 60 in those who weren’t active in their youth.

In their most recent study, data from 1.1 million young men showed that those with poor cardiovascular fitness levels were more likely to suffer from early onset dementia.

“Previous studies have shown the correlation between cardiovascular fitness and the risk of dementia in old age. Now, for the first time, we can show the increased risk also applies to early-onset dementia and its precursors,” advised Jenny Nyburg who headed the study.

The benefits physical fitness and activity has on the brain are becoming more widely known thanks to media awareness about the topic. Physical exercise increases nerve cell complexity, blood flow to the creative pathways in the brain, and can even help facilitate development of new nerve cells in the adult brain. This strengthens our mental functions as well as physiological movements.

Even something as little as 30 minute walk each day, or a bike ride, or even changing from the elevator to the stairs at work can get a person started on increasing their physical activity. Aside from the preventative benefits and mental support activity can offer, the health benefits – such as increased cardiovascular function, prevention of diseases, and enhanced mood – would be enough to encourage youth to get active.

Instead of staying in and watching the latest shows or spending time on the internet, try engaging face to face with a game of volleyball, enrollment in a “fun run,” or a walk around the city with friends. This will not only provide instant gratification, but will provide for long-term wellbeing benefits.

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