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Lack of Trust the Most Common Reason Why Companies Do Not Allow Telework

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- 65% of workers use the Internet at work for personal reasons and 50% of US companies already monitor Internet usage at work. However there are over 26 million people who are teleworking at least part of the time where tracking is difficult because of privacy concerns.

Time Doctor ( tries to get around the privacy issues by tracking Internet use only when the person is working, and not tracking anything when they are on a break. Of course the employee can easily go on a break and then chat with friends on Facebook, but if they do this their time will not be counted as working time.

So the idea behind the software is for employees (or individuals) to track their time and to confirm if they are working by monitoring websites visited and applications used on the computer and also screenshots of their computer screen. The internet monitoring software exact start and finish time of work and break times.

Is it all too much “Big brother”?

Robert Rawson co-founder of Time Doctor says, “It’s common place to track Internet use at work, so actually the ability to turn off all tracking when you are NOT working is less ‘Big Brother’ than the majority of US corporations”. Teleworking is very popular with 80% of employees saying they would like to work from home. For those keen to work from home, but where their boss is not willing to accept or adjust to this, Time Doctor just could be a way to convince the boss.

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