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Safety Rail Company Stresses the Importance of Having Passive Fall Protection

Never Neglect Passive Fall Protection Products like Self-Closing Safety Gates and Safety Rails


Spring Park, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- At the same time that OSHA is deploying their latest fall prevention campaign, the issue of fall protection is getting a lot of targeted attention. Due to the excessive problem of employees or subcontractors and others being on-site for short periods of time not following the rules about using active fall protection products, more of an emphasis is being placed on passive fall protection like safety railing, safety gates and ladder guards. Unlike active fall prevention products, passive products do not require the participation of those using the system in order to provide safety.

Passive fall protection products create physical barricades to fall hazard areas. Permanent guard rails have the ability to prevent falls even when training isn’t providing in their use. No active participation is required in order to save lives even when the person has no prior knowledge of the safety guard rails. Safety Rail Company offers a wide variety of passive safety equipment at prices that make it financially feasible for companies to have a higher assurance of protection. Making it even more convenient and affordable, Safety Rail Company offers fall protection equipment that companies can install in-house. While planning, providing and training according to directives outlined by OSHA, health and safety managers can overcome the difficulty of enforcing the measures 100% of the time with the addition of passive fall equipment.

Safety Rail Company offers durable and innovative fall equipment systems that are OSHA compliant and affordable. Their products include portable and permanent guard rails, cross-over ladders, skylight guards, mezzanine safety gates, cross-over ladders and many more fall protection products used in active and passive fall prevention. All of their products are also easier to assemble, configure, use and store. For companies who want to be OSHA compliant and take the safety of their employees to another level. They are stressing the importance of passive fall protection to compensate for those situations where active fall protection is not enforced for any of a number of reasons.

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Safety Rail Company offers 100% American Made fall protection systems for the OSHA compliant and passive fall protection needed to protect employees from falls. All of their safety gates, safety rails and guards are durable, innovative and affordable. They have years of industry experience and produce products that are engineered with the primary goal of saving lives. They are also easier to assemble, configure, use and store for in-house assembly. Each product for active and passive fall protection is backed by the best personal service and they give free in-depth consultations to ensure you get the right equipment for your needs. For more detail please visit,