LadiesLending: Femture Capital for Female Entrepreneurs


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- LadiesLending is a quite unique investment company. They invest in female entrepreneurs. Their focus is on SME companies that are being managed, led or established by women.

Lower Risk – Great Chances
Women receive just 4.2% of the total venture capital funding. When it comes to raising money from venture capitalists, the gender of an entrepreneur apparently matters. But without good reason!

The founder of LadiesLending, Edith Jansen, is a female entrepreneur herself, so she knows that investing in women means less risk. This is confirmed by research: “ Of the owners of bankrupt companies just 14.6% were female entrepreneurs and 85,4% male.”(Graydon: Bankruptcies: cause and effect)

So she decided to establish LadiesLending, offering Venture Capital and Private Equity to female entrepreneurs.

At LadiesLending, they are very social responsible, and were looking for opportunities to do more. So they came up with a new credit model for low-income women:

MicroFemture for Female MicroBusinesses!

At MircroFemture woman can get small loans (between 500€ - 5.000€) at very low interest (only to cover costs) for the set up of a microbusiness. By investing money, time and knowledge in these microbusinesses, these women are helped to perform optimally - and in doing so, to create sufficient profit to pay back the loan, and built up a successful microbusiness.

So more women will become independent and be a part of the society again. Economic dependence is not good for women, and not a good example for their daughters!

About Microfemture
Microfemture is the only non-profit operating Microfinance Institution in Europe. MicroFemture must not be considered as a gift. It is a loan. This is a very conscious choice of the lenders, as it will lead to a certain responsibility. Another important step in the way to independency!

Or as they say at MicroFemture: Proud to help realizing their dreams!