LadiesLending Launches INDIEGOGO Campaign for MicroFemture

A Social Responsible Non-Profit Lending Fund for Female MicroBusinesses.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- MicroFemture is an interesting new launch at Indiegogo. It is not just a fundraising campaign. It is a Social Responsible Non-Profit Lending Fund for Female Microbusinesses. They help women worldwide who like to start their own small business, and need funding between 500 and 5,000€.

MicroFemture is an initiative of LadiesLending.At LadiesLending, they offer Venture Capital and Private Equity to female entrepreneurs. Their focus is on SME companies that are being managed, led or established by women.

“When it comes to raising money from venture capitalists or banks, the gender of an entrepreneur still matters. There is more confidence in a man with a business background, leading an innovative company, then in a woman with a comparable or even better profile.” Says Edith Jansen, the founder of LadiesLending, “I am a female entrepreneur myself so I knew, and have proven through the years with LadiesLending, that they were wrong! Women at the Wheel means lower risk! “

Why did LadiesLending create this MicroFemture Lending Fund?

“For many women it is difficult and expensive to borrow money to set up a micro business. They have to pay high interest rates between 8-10%. At LadiesLending, we also received many requests from women who tried to start their own small business and were looking for a funding with low interest. But we did not get them funded by our regular partners, as it was just too much work with too low profit.But we loved to help these women”

So LadiesLending decided to step into this funding gap and MicroFemture was born.MicroFemture is a non-profit social responsible Small Business Lending Fund.
“It is a loan with a very low interest rate and not a gift!”,says Edith Jansen, “ A very conscious choice, as this will lead to a certain responsibility, andalso covers any dropping out.”

LadiesLending is not only the creator of MicroFemture, they are also very important behind the scenes. LadiesLending pays for all costs and backup of MicroFemture.

They also succeeded in getting the first funders interested in the Lending Fund. The first important bit of the approx. 800,000€ which is in the first place needed, is a fact. A funding commitment of 300,000€ standsNow they are looking for more funders with this Indiegogo campaign.

An important thing Edith likes to stress out is the Return to Funder-clause “The Indiegogo contributions will be usedto help women with setting up a small business. In the end – once all loans have been paid back to the Fund- all contributions (from 50€) will be returned to our contributors. So in fact we just borrow it. And of course we have some awesome rewards for all our contributors! “

About LadiesLending
LadiesLending is an official Partner of Indiegogo. They support small and mid-sized companies to realise their goals.

MicroFemture likes to help as many women as possible to realize their dream, so they are looking for more contributors to the MicroFemture Lending Fund! Have a look!


Find out more on:
LadiesLending :www.ladieslending.com
MicroFemture :www.microfemture.com
indiegogo : http://igg.me/at/microfemture

Press contact: Edith Jansen mail :ej@femture.com
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