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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- Car Aftermarket - UK - November 2013

While the car parts aftermarket is showing signs of recovery the market remains subject to pressures caused by the increased longevity of parts, the recent economic slowdown and the threat of budget and counterfeit parts. Overcoming all of these, while a major challenge for the market, brings with it the prospect of much stronger sales in the future.

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Table of Content



Executive Summary

The market
Figure 1: UK car parts aftermarket, by value, at current prices, 2008-18
Market factors
Companies, brands and innovation
Figure 2: Aftermarket outlets available for the replacement car parts, 2013
The consumer
Figure 3: Car ownership, June 2013
Figure 4: Replacement parts bought, June 2013
Figure 5: Repairs or fitting of replacement parts, by outlet, June 2013
Figure 6: Factors when choosing an individual or organisation to fit replacement parts, June 2013
Figure 7: Attitudes towards cars and car repairs, June 2013
What we think

Issues in the Market

What impact will growing reliability of car parts have on the market?
How can the market stand up to the challenge from budget brands?
What impact will increased competition have on suppliers?
How can the market deal with those drivers delaying on maintenance?
What threat do counterfeits and part-worns pose to the OE market?

Trend Applications

Trend: Rebirth of Cities
Trend: Let’s make a deal
Futures: Old Gold

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Internal Market Environment

Key points
Car market in recovery
Figure 8: New and used car registrations, 2007-13
Overall sales still down on pre-recession numbers
New vehicle sales show signs of strengthening
Majority of cars are over three years old
Figure 9: Age structure of the car parc in years, 2012
Car mileage in decline
Figure 10: Road traffic (vehicle miles) driven by cars and taxis, 2008-12
Lighting and signalling dominates reasons for MOT failure
Figure 11: Road vehicle testing scheme (MOT), selected reasons for failure, car tests, 2008-11
Diesels now account for over half of new cars
Figure 12: New car registrations, by fuel type, 2008-13
Vehicle replacement times are being delayed...
as is maintenance
From original equipment to refurbishment and part used
Home maintenance increasingly eschewed by drivers

Broader Market Environment

Key points
UK economy set for recovery
Figure 13: GDP, PDI, consumer expenditure and savings, at constant 2008 prices, 2008-18
Recent GDP growth has been modest, while consumer expenditure has fallen back
Better times ahead
Consumer confidence also on the rise
Figure 14: GfK NOP Consumer Confidence Index, January 1988-2013
Fuel prices record a significant increase
Figure 15: Index of premium unleaded and diesel fuel prices, 2000-12
Shift in population towards the less affluent
Figure 16: Forecast adult population trends, by socio-economic group, 2008-18
UK population shows signs of ageing
Figure 17: Trends in the age structure of the UK population, 2008-18

Competitive Context

Key points
Costs of running a car continue to increase
Figure 18: Consumer expenditure on car purchasing, servicing and repair and motoring expenses, seasonally adjusted at current prices, 2009-12
Cost pressures see growing use of the internet
Counterfeiting continues to be a problem

Strengths and Weaknesses in the Market


Who’s Innovating?

Key points
Green innovations
Boosting vehicle performance

Market Size and Forecast

Key points
Car parts aftermarket shows signs of recovery
Figure 19: UK car parts aftermarket*, by value, at current and constant prices, 2008-13
Recession impacts on replacement parts sales
Rising prices for tyres push up market
Tyres account for over half of market by value
Figure 20: Segmentation of the car parts aftermarket, by value, at current prices, 2008-2013
The future
Figure 21: UK car parts aftermarket, by value, at current prices, 2008-18
Figure 1: UK car parts aftermarket, by value, at current prices, 2008-18
Market segment forecast
Figure 22: UK tyre aftermarket, by value, at current prices, 2008-18
Figure 23: UK other car parts aftermarket, by value, at current prices, 2008-18

Market Segmentation

Key points
Rising raw material prices drive up value
figure 24: Tyre market by value (at current prices) and volume, 2008-13
Tyre sector badly hit by economic slowdown
Raw material costs push up value
Budget tyres increasingly dominate sales
Figure 25: Tyre segmentation for replacement car tyres, by volume percentage, 2010-13
Demand for winter and all season tyres is up
Figure 26: Winter/all season tyres, 2008-13
Other replacement parts
Longer replacement times and price competition hit market
Figure 27: Segmentation of the other replacement parts market, by value, at current prices, 2008-13
A market beset with difficulties
Recovery of UK economy brings about improvements

Market Share

Key points
Tyres – a highly fragmented market
Figure 28: UK – Tyres: Company market share, by value, 2012
Top five manufacturers capture 38% of tyre sales
Many smaller players operate in the budget sector

Companies and Products

Parts suppliers
Factors and retailers
A1 Motor Stores
Euro Car Parts
GSF Car Parts
Motor World

Brand Communication and Promotion

Key points
Overall expenditure on the up
Figure 29: Main media advertising expenditure on car aftermarket products*, 2009-12
Tyres increasingly dominate expenditure
Figure 30: Main media advertising expenditure, by key group, 2009-12
Figure 31: Main media advertising expenditure, by other car parts 2009-12
Television and radio dominate channel choice
Figure 32: Main media advertising expenditure on car aftermarket products*, % share by media type, 2009-12
Main tyre manufacturers dominate advertising
Figure 33: Total advertising spend on tyres by company, 2009-12
Television advertising dominates for tyre segment
Figure 34: Tyre advertising spend, by media type, 2009-12
Other parts market typified by fragmented market
Figure 35: Other car parts* advertising spend, by media type, 2009-12
Press advertising dominant for other car parts supplier
Figure 36: Other car parts* by advertising spend, by media type, 2009-12

Channels to Market

Key points
Independent garages dominate a market where outlet numbers are falling
Figure 37: Aftermarket outlets for sales of replacement parts* 2008-13
Independent garage sector sees number of outlets fall back steadily
Petrol forecourts suffer a more dramatic decline in numbers
Dealer outlets down by around 10% since 2008
Kwik Fit dominates fast fit market by outlet numbers
Figure 38: Top ten tyre and exhaust fitting centres, by number of outlets, 2010-13
Halfords dominates the car accessory outlet market
Figure 39: Leading car accessory chains, by number of outlets, 2012 and 2013
Tyre sales – an area dominated by specialists
Figure 40: Tyre distribution, by outlet, 2012
The internet
Tyre sales remain a developing market
Other replacement parts affected by the do-it-for-me market

The Consumer – Car Ownership

Key points
Figure 41: Car ownership, June 2013
Income has a major impact on type of car owned
All ages show interest in recent purchases
Car buyers likely to be found in rural areas
Poor, young and those in London least likely to drive
Ownership of a car from new is growing
Figure 42: Car ownership, 2012 and 2013
Ford and Vauxhall dominate ownership
Figure 43: Make of main car, June 2013
Vauxhall has broad appeal by age

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The Consumer – Parts Replacement

Key points
Tyres top the list as parts that need replacing
Figure 44: Replacement parts bought, August 2013
Men are more likely to purchase parts
Older drivers replacing fewer parts
Urban drivers are more likely to replace certain parts
Owners of second-hand vehicles are more likely to need to replace parts
Figure 45: Replacement parts bought, by car ownership, June 2013
Few differences in need to replace parts by brand of car
Figure 46: Parts and replacement parts purchased in last 12 months, by make of main car driven, June 2013

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