Lagging Economy Has Neglected HVAC Systems Heating up More Utility Bills

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Brandon, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- The introduction of the heat pump central air-conditioning system was seen as a huge step forward in home and business environmental management. It meant that rather than having two separate systems to maintain and monitor that both heating and cooling functions were now combined into one machine.

So while it was without question a huge step forward in a technological sense, there is still one glaring weak point in these more advanced systems. That is that in the eventuality that maintenance problem do arise it effects power bills twelve months out of the year.

The faulty standard air conditioner draws more power than it should only during summer months and a gas heater with a problem creates an added power usage burden only during the winter months. However, when you combine both into one, even one minor problem will have a negative impact year-round.

In the mean time the rising cost of electricity and the drop in home values has delivered a double wallop to increasing numbers of today's homeowners. Homeowners who in more instances are finding themselves as a result deferring maintenance issues.

What all experts are in agreement on however, is that deferring maintenance on a central air conditioning system can in and of itself cost more money by way of the increased power usage than it would have cost to actually do the necessary repairs.

Simple cleaning of accumulated dust and debris from heat exchange radiators for example is a relatively inexpensive affair, yet left undone these components if obstructed can have a huge impact on a machines efficiency.

Low refrigerant is another low-cost fix they can end up costing big dollars to put off. Running a central heat pump when it's low on refrigerant forces it to work harder which of course has a negative impact on power usage.

But an overworked system caused by low refrigerant also has a domino effect by leading to even more repairs that otherwise shouldn't have to be done if the original problem was simply nipped in the bud.

Then finally with all that's at stake, not just in terms of finances but in personal comfort as well, all experts agree that the best time to have a home or businesses AC system inspected is in the off-season. Early in the summer or early in the winter before service operators become swamped with calls. Aire Serv of Hillsborough provides HVAC repair services throughout Florida's greater Brandon, Riverview, Seffner and Valrico area.

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