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Fort Myers, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2012 -- For the better part of a decade now real estate markets in pretty much all parts of the United States and Canada have been in a slump. Then to make matters worse, aside from lagging sales owners have had to sit and watch while the equity in their homes simply vanished like dust in the wind.

So while it has been bad news pretty much across the board for everyone involved in the housing market there have been a few survivors that have actually seen benefits from declining housing market values.

Surprisingly one of them is outfitters and retailers of prefabricated swimming pools who have seen a greater market share of overall pool sales shift in their direction. So while the lagging economy does have them taking a hit, none the less it's being buffered by this general market trend.

So to learn more about why so many of today's homeowners are making the switch from cement built-ins to prefabricated swimming pools we contacted to get the insider perspective.

We spoke to a sales representative who introduced himself over the speaker-phone to us as John and he told us that, “Having a classic cement inground pools installed never was a good real estate investment, even in the best of times. In most cases homeowners actually had to take a loss in terms of the money that they invested factored against the return value on their home when the swimming pool was done. So with the real estate market continuing to struggle along in the doldrums people are just far less inclined to take a further loss on their home investment dollar than they already have. Then when they finally do sell their home, instead of having to walk away from all the money that they sunk into their inground pool they can drain, pack up and take their prefabricated pool right along with them to their next home.”

He went on to point out that while it's easy to make the connection between declining home values, lagging real estate sales and the switch to prefabricated pools, all is not as it seems.

He also feels it it's good old-fashioned value for the dollar in these tough economic times along with extensive improvements on the product that have both worked to keep the prefab option afloat in a lagging economy.

He also pointed out that portable above ground pools for instance that can be inflated and filled then deflated and packed in the trunk of a car or the back of a truck have also generated a substantial volume of interest and resulting sales. Since 1976 has been in the business of selling and installing prefabricated swimming pools and related accessories across North America.

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