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Laird and Son Celebrate 66th Anniversary

Many new options have become available since heating and cooling company's 1948 debut, reports Laird and Son


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- Laird and Son Heating and Air Conditioning announced its 66th anniversary this year and marked its third generation of family ownership. The company, which specializes in furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and air conditioners, has been serving the Toronto area since 1948.

"Back then, most of our business involved boilers and furnaces that ran on oil," said Kim Laird, "and through our Fuels division, we still deliver oil and service oil-fueled equipment today. For our main company, today's options are much more varied. We typically do natural gas and electric systems, and we also branched out into air conditioning a long time ago."

One thing that has remained the same through the years is Laird and Son's commitment to the Lennox brand of heating and cooling equipment. In fact, the company is Canada's oldest independent Lennox dealer.

"Lennox is a great brand," Laird gushed. "It's very reliable and well worth the investment. They also make every kind of equipment a modern home could need. Gas furnaces, air conditioners, and boilers with radiant heating systems are all made by Lennox. We doubt we'll ever stop working with this brand."

Laird and Son offers plenty of unique options for air conditioning, including a ductless air conditioner Toronto ( These systems are used for homes that have no duct work or for those that need to supplement inadequate central air units. Of course, they also offer plenty of options for regular air conditioner installation Toronto (

"During a blustery Toronto winter, the whole idea of needing air conditioning can be hard for even residents to imagine. But the summers actually get very hot here. We advise anyone who is looking to upgrade their home's climate control systems to add central air. It really makes a difference during those few hot months," Laird said.

When it comes to heating options, the natural gas furnace is king wherever the fuel is available. When it isn't, oil is a preferred option.

"To beat the cold in a place like Ontario, it really takes the use of a big, open flame and a powerful blower motor," Laird says. "Electric furnaces and small heaters just aren't going to cut it. Therefore, we offer options that allow customers to get that powerful fire whether or not natural gas is piped into the area. Oil is a great choice for those living too far from the city to get gas, and best of all, it's a time-tested technology that we know is going to work."

About Laird and Son
Laird and Son Heating and Air Conditioning was established in 1948, making this the company's 66th anniversary. It has gone from a small company focused on providing fuel oil and oil-burning equipment to a full-service provider of heating and cooling Toronto ( It currently offers unique options like attic air conditioners and ductless A/C along with natural gas and oil-burning furnaces. It still delivers fuel oil through its Fuels division, as well.