Lake Mary Chiropractor Says Chiropractic Care Can Be a Fraud

Lake Mary Chiropractor, Dr. Roach, says chiropractic care can be a fraud? Why is he the best chiropractor in town?


Altamonte Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- It’s not every day that a chiropractor will claim that their own industry is a fraud but this Lake Mary chiropractor is stepping forward with a little twist to this story. You see in every industry that lives within our economical community we will always find those “bad apples” of the bunch that have a tendency to spoil it for the rest of the trust worthy candidates. It’s not just within chiropractic but it’s also within the government especially politicians, the police force, health clubs, lawyers, accountants; just to name a few.

Some chiropractic doctors really do not have a plan or heart for actually treating patients and helping them with their problems or issues. When we interviewed Dr. Roach, of Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine, we asked him how he felt about this issue and we also asked how he became one of the most successful Lake Mary chiropractic offices including upholding a great reputation with the surrounding areas; he stated “ Well, it is sad to have some bad apples within our chiropractic community but that’s everywhere, I didn’t choose to follow money I chose to follow my passion, and my passion was chiropractic care ever since I was a young boy my primary physician was a chiropractor and I knew what it could do for others since I experienced great results myself with my own past issues. What makes us different from every other office is simple, we find the source of your pain or injury and we create a customized treatment plan to completely eliminate it. We do not use any risky drugs, which will only temporarily ease your pain, not get rid of it.”

We knew right off the bat that Dr. Roach was passionate about his craft based on the emotion he expressed during the interview. You can see based off his answers why he is a trust worthy chiropractor; he is not like other doctors out there that have been suspended from the medical community for some insurance fraud act, which is one of the biggest reasons for fraud within the industry.

Dr. Roach started out locally as an Altamonte Springs chiropractor several years back and has now expanded within the local communities of Central Florida serving patients in Lake Mary, Winter Park, Maitland, Orlando, Apopka, and Casselberry. Some patients even drive more than 1 hour to visit the good doctor because of his specialized treatments. If you take a look at his website you can see all the picture and video testimonials he has received. These patients went out of their way to do this for him and actions speak louder than words. If you or someone you know is suffering physically then you can contact Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine with the contact information below.

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This office is both a Chiropractic and Medical Center facility that aids patients in healing body injuries/pains,migraines and specialized in car accident/job injury cases.

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