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Lakeway Smiles Welcomes Dr. Kaye to Their Downtown Offices in Austin Texas

Dr. Kaye joined Lakeway Smiles in 2012, and has been a great addition to their team. She is an experienced general dentist, with great experience in dental surgery, dentures and root canal therapy.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2013 -- Americans are proud of their teeth, and have some of the most comprehensive dental care of any country in the world. It is no wonder then that practices are highly competitive and the most skilled dentists are in high demand. Austin downtown dentist Lakeway Smiles recently welcomed Dr. Kaye into the fold, an expert in multiple fields who has widened their range of treatment options and enhanced the number of patients they can care for.

Dr. Kaye moved to the cosmetic dentist in downtown Austin after working in public health with the less fortunate for a number of years before moving into private surgery dentistry for exclusive clientele. She shares the common ethos of Lakeway Smiles in wanting to help patients get the high quality of care they deserve.

Her specialties include root canal therapy, which makes the traumatic procedure less intrusive and more bearable as well as decreasing the time spent healing afterwards; dentures, in which she has vast experience in molding and forming dentures identical or idealized for patients who have lost their own teeth, and in dental surgery.

A spokesperson for Lakeway Smiles explained, “Dr. Kaye has deepened our expertise in several niche fields as well as being an outstanding general practitioner in the field of dental health. She has served to treat both the least fortunate and the most exclusive, and maintains the same compassionate attitude toward our patients as she has done throughout her career. She was an obvious choice to join our team, and helps us move toward our continuing goal: to ensure that Lakeway smiles with brilliance and confidence.”

About Lakeway Smiles
Lakeway Smiles is the dental practice of Dr Tejas Patel, and is one of the premier dental practices in Lakeway and Austin, Tx. At the offices they are passionate about what they do and are excited to give people the care they need and deserve. They offer excellent skills and knowledge in all aspects of dentistry, and make it easy to do business with them by striving strive to exceed patients’ expectations. They offer different types of cosmetic and general dental procedures, which are tailored to each individual patient. For more information, please visit: