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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- After almost two years of starting their trusts and estates practice, Lam & Maloles, LLC is pleased to announce that they continue to provide their clients with commitment, attention, and quality. In cases of death without a will, the decedent’s assets and property pass through the intestacy statutes of the state with proper jurisdiction. One who dies “intestate,” or without a valid will, will have his or her property distributed according to specific state rules. It is this reality that makes having a valid will all the more important, for it provides the individual making a will with control and direction over how his or her assets will be distributed upon death.

Provided the individual has the specific intent to devise a gift, has the mental and physical capacity to do so, and properly executes the document, the attorneys at Lam & Maloles can assist that individual in establishing a Will. With clear and specific language, an individual can designate beneficiaries, those receiving a benefit through a Will, and the specific gifts they shall receive upon death of the testator. As estate attorneys in Philadelphia, the attorneys at Lam & Maloles will work with their clients to make sure the estate planning process goes smoothly, providing their clients with the confidence they deserve. The attorneys at Lam & Maloles, LLC implement various techniques such as trusts, and legal disclaimers to ensure the property is distributed in accordance with the exact wishes of the client. The attorneys will review the different assets and valuables in their clients’ possession and form an accurate plan to be executed in the event of a client’s death or incapacity.

In addition to estate planning, the lawyers at Lam & Maloles shepherd their client’s estates through the probate process. Generally speaking, probate is the process of filing a will within the appropriate jurisdiction, and establishing a court-approved Executor or Administrator, sometimes referred to as the “personal representative,” of the estate. This representative is charged with the administration of the estate, which involves first paying any taxes or debts owed by the decedent, followed by proper distribution of bequests to the beneficiaries. The lawyers at Lam and Maloles work directly with the personal representative in creating an accounting which details the contents of the estate, how the estate has been managed, and assists them with the proper distribution of assets.

As these matters can be extremely complex, it is important to hire an attorney to set up estate planning which include the preparation of wills in Pennsylvania and to assist with estate administration matters. For more information on how the attorneys at Lam & Maloles, LLC can help or to set up a free initial consultation, please call 800-564-3872.

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Lam & Maloles, LLC was founded on the principle that clients should have access to quality legal representation. They believe that each client is unique and deserves to be treated as such. The trusts and estates attorneys at Lam & Maloles are passionate about what they do and they take tremendous pride in providing client-centric, value-driven legal services to their clients.

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