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Lamar Hunt Jr. Continues Support of Saint Paul's Outreach

Lamar Hunt Jr. continues his support of St. Paul's Outreach through the Loretto Foundation. St. Paul's Outreach of Kansas recently held a retreat called Fan into Flame which focus's on renewal of the Spirit.


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2015 -- Lamar Hunt Jr. supports the multi-state active Saint Paul's Outreach organization through the charitable Loretto Foundation. Contributions from Lamar Hunt Jr., the Loretto Foundation, and other groups make retreats like Fan into the Flame possible. The Kansas chapter of St. Paul's Outreach recently held a Fan into Flame retreat to help involve people in a renewal of the Spirit.

The St. Paul's Outreach retreat called Fan into Flame was held in late September at Lake Doniphan where 32 young professionals were invited to grow their spirituality. The beginning of the weekend-long retreat saw friendly introductions and the emergence of common goals including finding peace and feeling full of God. These two goals defined the retreat and helped attendee's connect with God and the Holy Spirit through prayer, discussion groups, and meditation throughout the weekend.

Fan into Flame retreats are held throughout the United States by various St. Paul's Outreach groups. In addition to the retreat in Kansas, recently other St. Paul Outreach Fan into Flame retreats were held in New Jersey, Ohio, and Texas where hundreds of people came to the retreats for the weekend to experience the renewal of the Spirit.

The St. Paul's Outreach Kansas group is currently working out of Benedictine College and Johnson County Community College, also serving Emporia State University and Donnelly College.

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About St. Paul's Outreach
St. Paul's Outreach is a nonprofit corporation that actively invites college students to a life of Christian discipleship. St. Paul's Outreach's mission includes enabling vibrant, faith-filled environments that encourage students to deepen their relationship with Christ. The ministry has produced thousands of alumni who are passionate followers of Christ and who continue to shine His light in the world long after they have graduated.

About Lamar Hunt Jr.
Lamar Hunt, Jr. founded and participates in the Loretto Companies group that includes the Kansas City based private charitable organization Loretto Foundation, LLC. One of the major goals of the foundation, besides making contributions to charities, is to educate the public about what the Christian faith has to say about business and our work in the world. Hunt is also the owner of the Independence, MO hockey team the Missouri Mavericks, LLC (member of the East Coast hockey League).