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Laminar Growth to Be Witnessed by Agricultural Robots Market by 2025

The agricultural robots are known as Agbots. With the constant technological evolutions in the technologies going on worldwide the applications, equipment, machines are developed for the farmers for improvising the productivity of the farms.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2017 -- Agricultural Robots Market: Market Overview

The agricultural robots are known as Agbots. With the constant technological evolutions in the technologies going on worldwide the applications, equipment, machines are developed for the farmers for improvising the productivity of the farms. The farmers are deploying the agricultural robots for the various functions based on the configuration of the robots which include cloud seeding, fruits picking robots, weed control, harvesting, environmental monitoring, planting seeds, and soil analysis. Such types of applications are easily carries out with the help of agricultural robots. Majorly agricultural robots are deployed in the harvesting stage of the farming. Also, farmers are also deploying the agbots primarily for reducing the human efforts. The human efforts are significantly reduced with an effective and efficient way by the deployment of the agbots in the farming, by reduction of the functions such as driverless sprayer/ tractor, and sheep shearing purpose also deployed for the horticultural tasks such as weeding, pruning, monitoring, and spraying.

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In past few years, the trend agricultural trends are evolved based on the simultaneous introduction of the technologies in the agricultural processes. The manufacturers are focusing on delivering agricultural robots in different types based on the end use of them in agricultural applications.

For examples, livestock robotics is used by farmers for livestock management. The applications for such robots includes washing of animals, automatic milking, and castrating.

Agricultural Robots Market: Drivers and Restraints

Day by day the amount of agricultural, harvesting lands available for crops yielding is reducing drastically due to rapid industrialization, increasing infrastructural projects, etc. which is directly responsible for the food supply shortage worldwide. Hence, today's farmers, milkman's, etc. are strongly attracted to the equipment, machinery to earn more output from the available land and animals with them, with the applications of the agricultural robots the farmers can get more output at the faster rate than manual farming in traditional ways. This is a major driving factor for the Agbots. The demand for the agricultural robots is also primarily driven by the fact that it reduced human efforts significantly which automatically results in the labour cost reduction required in the farming functions. The prime factor responsible for increasing the deployment of the agricultural products in the coming years is the increasing demand for precision agriculture and need for real time data which helps in decision making. On the other hand, the major challenge for the growth of the agricultural robots market is the higher cost of these robots. Also, the farmers in developing countries are not aware of such applications of the robots hence follows traditional methods in farming.

Global Agricultural Robots Market: Market Segmentation

Global Agricultural Robots Market can be divided into three segments, based on Robot Type, Application, and region.

Segmentation on basis of Type in Agricultural Robots market:

The segments in Agricultural Robots market by type include:

Driverless Tractors
Drones/ Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Milking Robots
Automated Harvesting Systems
Spraying Robots
Other Robots

Segmentation on basis of Application for Agricultural Robots Market:

The major segments of Agricultural Robots market on basis of application include:

Soil Management Robots
Harvesting Management Robots
Field Mapping Robots
Dairy Farm Management Robots
Irrigation Management Robots
Spraying Robots
Pruning Management Robots
Weather Tracking and Forecasting
Agricultural Inventory Management

Global Agricultural Robots: Regional Outlook

The global Agricultural Robots market is divided into seven regions as North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, and Middle East and Africa. Among the given regions, North America region is leading the global market for Agricultural Robots due to the higher presence of Agricultural Robots vendors in this region. The growth of the agricultural robots market Western Europe region, Eastern Europe region follows the North America due to the presence of manufacturers, retailers, etc. in this region. The developing regions such as APEJ and Japan are predicted to grow at the highest CAGR owing to the presence of higher farming land, and government in the countries such as India and China are more focused on increasing food production of the countries due to higher population. The agricultural robotic market in MEA region is expected to grow at moderate CAGR.

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Global Agricultural Robots: Competitive Landscape

Key Players

Some of the key vendors of the agricultural robots include ASIMOV Robotics, AGCO Corporation, International Federation of Robotics, Harvest automation, IFR (Israeli Robotics Association), BARA (British Automation & Robot Association), etc. These players are consistently focused on developing new and advanced robots for the agricultural applications.