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Lance Bradford, CPA, Featured on the Nevada Edge Show


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2016 -- The founder of multiple companies that have been serving businesses and individuals for over two decades, Lance K. Bradford was recently featured on The Nevada Edge Show. As a highly successful and experienced businessman, accountant and financial consultant, Lance is passionate about transferring his knowledge to struggling entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals. He wants business owners to reap maximum benefit from the current encouraging scenario of the business world emerging from a long recession.

In the episode, Lance spoke to the host of The Nevada Edge show about the impact of the current tax rates business have to pay to the state and how it impacts small businesses in the region. They also shed light upon the tax situation in California, the largest neighboring state of Nevada. The hike in tax rate residents and business owners have had to incur could push them to look elsewhere for more an encouraging business environment which Nevada is able to provide. As a highly trusted CPA expert, Lance has been helping businesses in Nevada make better financial decisions through accountancy and consultancy services. He wants people to benefit from the advantages the state of Nevada is providing to encourage more people to establish businesses locally. Lance is a Nevada native, graduated from the University of Nevada-Reno with a bachelor's degree in accounting and has been running various successful ventures including his full service CPA firm for the last 20 years.

The Nevada Edge Show offers an in-depth understanding of the benefits of doing business in Nevada. Targeted towards small and medium sized businesses, the show is designed to explore the issues that affect the local businessman. A different expert guests are called on the show in each episode to keep viewers up to date on the latest legislation, tax laws, compliance issues and more, enabling them to take advantage of Nevada's pro-business climate.

About Lance K. Bradford
Lance K. Bradford, is one of the most trusted and respected executives and real estate professionals in the industry, with a reputation that is expanding nationally. He has transitioned his past experiences, using his entrepreneurial spirit, to become a valuable partner in several businesses ensuring their growth and success. He has also served as the President of a NASDAQ registered real estate company that went public in 1999, garnering over $500 million in capital and generating over $1 billion in real estate transactions.

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