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Land Surveyors Perth Launches Public Awareness Efforts Targeting New Land Owners

Ensuring local residents understand the potential consequences of proceeding without a proper survey can help our community develop safely and effectively, publishes


West Perth, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Thousands of kilometers of water, sewer and natural gas lines lie within the land of Perth and its surrounding areas. Inadvertently rupturing one of these during ground disturbing activities holds a wide range of physical dangers for those involved in such a project as well as local citizens; at the same time, various governmental sectors have billions of dollars vested in these public works systems. In light of the lives and economical factors at risk in the area should a related accident occur, Mike Giblett of Land Surveyors Perth has launched efforts to increase public awareness of the importance of acquiring an official land survey before beginning construction work.

Giblett elaborated, "Being aware of your surroundings, both on the surface as well as below, is crucial before becoming involved in development work. It is the responsibility of the land owner as well as crews carrying out any type of digging to understand exactly where pipelines run before breaking ground. Failure to understand this could result in widespread interruption of sanitation services, illness, loss of life and property, or at the very least, hefty fines. As Land Surveyors in Perth, we can assess property for a number of purposes to ensure our clients are operating within their legal limits as well as adhering to safety regulations."

Topography, contour and feature surveys perth cover both underground and visible utilities. Upon purchasing a plot of land, new owners must have such an analysis conducted for these and other elements. Also included in these services are confirming land boundaries, determining the natural lay of the land and pointing out existing structures surrounding the property. Official records of these findings must be submitted to area authorities before development may legally begin.

While previously mentioned features all hold a great deal of weight in the eyes of local jurisdiction, boundaries in particular are held to considerable scrutiny based on the Land Boundaries Act of 1841. Physical markers denoting the perimeter of the property in question must be in place before certain construction or improvements may be implemented. Should any of these indicators become destroyed or displaced, additional boundary surveys performed by qualified professionals are required for confirmation prior to moving ahead with a construction project.

Concluded Giblett, "We use our training and industry-specific equipment to properly determine all the elements necessary to safely and legally proceed with development. Having a survey conducted in accordance with the law before commencing a ground disturbing project of any nature can help avoid extensive complications in the future. By making those in our area aware of the intricacies of their surroundings, we hope to help our community grow more effectively."

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By providing information to help area residents better understand the complicated nature of proceeding with development projects, the staff of Land Surveyors Perth hopes to ensure their community is able to carry out construction, upgrading and maintenance legally and safely.