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Landfill Gas to Energy Market Analysis, Current and Future Trends 2025


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2018 -- Global Landfill Gas to Energy Market: Overview

Landfill gas is produced from the anaerobic decomposition of the waste that is deposited in landfills. The produced landfill gas generally contain 50% of methane and rest of the gas constitutes carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Landfill gas is utilized to produce energy as well as for other purposes. Methane is considered most powerful among the other greenhouse gases, and it causes global warming almost 21 times more than the impact of carbon dioxide. Plants for utilization and extraction of landfill gas have been developed for the last few years and presently, these plants are expanding at a rapid pace across the globe.

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Extraction of methane from Landfill Gas to Energy Market is estimated to help fulfill the necessary energy deficits and also minimize the greenhouse effect, which is causing global warming. Landfill Gas to Energy Market also helps in substituting fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, which are major contributors to greenhouse gases emissions.

The major part of producing landfill gas is the extraction of methane gas from the digester. The extraction system comprises of horizontal perforated pipes, vertical perforated pipes, and a membrane covering for the collection of the produced gas. The produced gas is sucked from the landfill digester by using a pump or a compressor. The sucked gas is then further processed to use it in various applications such as power production, district heating & cooling, and steam production in a boiler for running the turbine. Landfill Gas to Energy Market needs to be purified from impurities before it is utilized in a gas boiler for hot water or steam production. Impure gas can cause boiler failure and corrosion. Landfill gas can also be utilized in running the gas engines for power production. Landfill gas can be employed as fuel in order to run gas engine, which can further drives a power generator to produce electricity. This application of Landfill Gas to Energy Market can be utilized to produce off-grid electricity in remote areas that are not connected to the distribution grid.

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Landfill Gas to Energy Market can also be employed in CHP (combined heating & cooling) plants to produce power. CHP plants are highly energy-efficient, which use waste heat to produce steam for running an additional power producing system. Landfill gas scan also be utilized as cooking fuel after purification. Utilization of landfill gas as cooking fuel can help provide low cost, low emission and cleaner fuel for domestic applications in remote and poverty ridden areas. Landfill Gas to Energy utilization offers significant potential for distributed power generation and most countries in Europe are focusing on improving landfill gas purification technology so that it can be directly utilized in gas turbines for power generation.