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Karnataka, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- A career in the software industry is viewed to be an ultimate goal for most of the college pass outs. There was a time when the word IT was alien and everybody looked at the IT industry in awe. But today, the number of software development companies across the globe has increased to an unimaginable extent. But bagging a software job isn’t everybody’s piece of cake. is an innovative website that helps people by giving ideal tips and tricks on how to prepare for a software job, how to get interviews for an IT job, how to clear the interview, get a job offer and how to do well in an IT job. The site is of utmost help to the following category of people:

- Fresher looking for a his/her first software job
- Students intending to find out the steps to be taken to eventually bag a software job
- Any experienced software developer or IT Professional looking for a better job
- Any IT professional not necessarily in the software department but intend to get a software job.

The site is unlike any other job site. has many videos on software career advice. The highlight of the site is that it has launched “live Google hangouts” that has ‘Live on Air’ video Hangouts on several topics mentioned below:

- Software Career advice
- Software Job tips
- Software Job Interview Questions and Answers
- How to try for a Software Job
- If you are interested to build your Software Career what you need to know
- How to survive and Grow in an IT Job
- How to Clear Software Job Interviews
- Software Job Interview preparations tips
- Software career Resume creation

People feel that these live video hangouts are paragons that help them understand the needs of an IT job than any other article that other sites provide.

Registering on the site is absolutely free and it’s a simple process. Once a person is subscribed to the site, they get free emails and updates on the website’s new features, videos etc. On some instances the subscribers also get a chance to have one on one help from professionals.

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