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Landing Page Collector Announces the Launch of Both Its Innovative Software and Easy-to-Use Website


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Landing Page Collector, a new type of software that helps improve the conversion rates of a landing page, is now available for people to download and purchase. In addition, the company’s easy-to-navigate website was also just launched.

People who are interested in trying the software may download free trial of Landing Page Collector on the site. Accessing the software is easy; interested people simply need to click on the red “download free trial” button that is located on the home page.

The Landing Page Collector (LPC) software is Windows-compatible and can help users make a swipe file for the major converting landing pages in any particular niche market. The software is based on the premise that websites with the best landing page conversion rates will lead to Google Adwords paying more money. In other words, people who give the software a try will hopefully see a very noticeable increase in their income.

“What if there were a way you could convert 10 percent, 25 percent—even 50 percent or more—of your landing page visitors into customers, how much more money would you earn as a result?” an article on the new website noted.

The new website includes a lot of helpful and in-depth information about the LPC software and its various features. For example, LPC can immediately capture the landing page of an advertising website on Big Google, using any niche keyword. All that users have to do is type in their keyword and click on “go” and the software will take it from there. This feature alone will save people a huge amount of time and hassle.

In addition, a built-in picture and thumbnail viewer and a personalized full screen slide show option will help people manage, organize and preview their landing pages quickly and easily. Users can also rate the various landing pages, and type in their own descriptions of each one. An “add to favorite” function also helps users keep track of the best landing pages.

People who download the LPC software can also make unlimited huge swipe files about copywriting and web design. All of the other impressive capabilities that are part of the new software are explained in great detail on the company’s website.

As a bonus, the software is free of any spyware and Trojans, so people can download it with confidence. For people who go on to purchase LPC after the free trial has ended, the company is also offering a 100 percent 30-day money back guarantee.

About Landing Page Collector
Landing Page Collector is a new website that is offering visitors the chance to download a free trial of software that can help them increase their homepage’s conversion rates. The website is based on U4SOFT, which creates useful software. The team at Landing Page Collector is committed to making software that will benefit its customers. For more information, please visit http://landingpagecollector.com