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Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- (LandscapeGardens.Org), a leading source for useful gardening and landscaping tips, advice and supplies, has launched a new innovative website to assist consumers in their gardening efforts by providing useful information for free and making it easier to locate innovative gardening supplies. There is no membership required to use the website and all information is freely available for all homeowners and landscapers to read and benefit. LandscapeGardens.Org focuses on distributing articles that provide tips and advice for growing healthy organic and traditional gardens. A secondary focus of the website is to assist consumers in finding the right gardening products to fit their unique needs and to avoid unnecessary purchases of products that are not needed or suitable for their needs. LandscapeGardens.Org is consumer focused and committed to delivering value and a positive experience to its users.

“LandscapeGardens.Org is committed to publishing useful and easy to understand gardening and landscaping articles and tips to assist hobbyists and professionals at all levels in growing great gardens and maintaining great yards. In addition to offering free articles we also promote and recommend useful gardening and landscaping tools and supplies with information provided to help consumers make informed decisions. It is not easy for gardeners and landscapers to identify the best supplies that suit their unique needs but we assist them in doing so, it’s important to us.” - Ted Williamson, Contributor

Many gardeners and landscapers have challenges growing healthy and vibrant gardens that produce the best plants and vegetables. Often they suffer from a challenge to find useful tips and advice that assist them in their efforts and to identify the right gardening and landscaping supplies for their needs. LandscapeGardens.Org provides consumers with essential information covering gardening and landscaping topics that pose a challenge for many. Furthermore the website is designed to assist visitors in identifying the best and most useful gardening supplies for their needs. Every gardener and landscaper has different challenges and needs and it is essential to understand common gardening issues and identify helpful products. The primary goal of the website is to convey essential, useful and informative information in a clean, clear and simple way for the everyday consumer without a hard-line sales pitch or high tech language. “We make it easy for consumers to find useful products and get free tips and advice to deal with some of the most challenging gardening and landscaping topics”. - Ted Williamson, Contributor

If you are tempted to get free gardening tips and advice or to identify useful and innovative gardening and landscaping supplies visit http://www.LandscapeGardens.Org and get free instant access.

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LandscapeGardens.Org (http://www.LandscapeGardens.Org) is based in Toronto Ontario Canada and operates globally through its website that caters to landscapers and gardeners. LandscapeGardens.Org provides free consumer information delivered in the form of articles and assists consumers in finding the right garden and landscape products to fit their needs.

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