Landstar DUV/RKY Agency

Landstar DUV/RKY Agency Offers the Finest Owner-Operator Jobs

Foregoing the security of a guaranteed weekly pay check is uncertain but is worth the entrepreneurial lifestyle of trucking owner operator. Landstar DUV/RKY Agency provides the best owner-operator jobs.


Bolivar, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2014 -- Due to the existing scenario wherein fuel prices, insurance and equipment expense have notably increased and together with this an often hard schedule makes searching and maintaining remarkable success in an owner operator truck driving job, a challenging task. However, there is no need to despair because even a new truck driver or already a seasoned one having travelled a million safe miles may be a great advantage by becoming a trucking owner/operator.

Being a trucking owner/operator is indeed a wonderful aim which might be achieved through Landstar DUV/RKY Agency. DUV is a freight dispatching and recruiting agent for Landstar. It provides the freight side of DUV/RKY Agency’s business while RKY is its domicile or recruiting part. It is located in Canton, Ohio at Gulliver’s Truckshop, and commands a loyal following of over 500 owner operators from across the country.

RKY can assist to become a new Landstar BCO

It can become a domicile agent and assists one to be successful as an owner operator, not only to move freight! Regarded as one of the leading driver-friendly recruiting agencies in Landstar, it guides step-by-step throughout the recruiting process and offers long-term support post a sign-up with Landstar. It possesses a retention specialist for providing guidance to become a new BCO after completion of orientation.

DUV also assists as a new Landstar Owner Operator

DUV staff will assist to maximize revenue without the requirement to drive more miles and teaches its candidates to properly utilize tools like Landstar’s Lane Match Feature in order to reduce fuel expense and deadhead. DUV has especially partnered with several other agencies to keep its owner operators’ trucks moving, lessen expense, and minimize sitting time, thus generating more revenue.
Landstar DUV/RKY Agency has set some minimum operator qualification standards and requirements, in order to become an owner operator which can be easily availed from the company website.

Landstar DUV/RKY Agency provides trucking Jobs, strong driver support and outstanding non forced dispatch trucking to owner operators. It is the top driver recruiting agency with Landstar and the only two-time consecutive Agent of the Year Award winner. To know more about Landstar Trucking requirements, please visit