Landzo Launches Its Popular Robot Toy in the US

Quincy, the robot toy companion set to help young creative minds in the country


Nanjing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2019 -- Landzo, a leading STEM startup in China, is bringing Quincy, the robot toy companion to the US in a bid to aid young creative minds in the country.

The company has become a force to reckon with in STEM / STEAM domain in China in a short span of time. It has gained its reputation on the back of best quality educational and robot toys that have an all round impact for kids over the age of three.

These are the formative years of children's lives. Every boost to their creativity can go a long way in their overall development. Quincy, the robot artist has been developed to fuel their imagination and spark their creativity.

And now, Quincy is coming to the US. "We're proud to introduce Quincy, the Robot Artist! Kids can simply scan a picture card and watch the robot artist teach them how to draw step by step. Quincy also loves to spell words and play simple math games. It's mesmerizing to see children totally engaged with their new companion, interact with it and actually learn to draw, spell and count!," is the official statement from Landzo representatives.

Clearly, Quincy has immense benefits when it comes to helping kids learn to spell as well as take to drawing. Importantly, it is engaging and a fun way to learn at an early age. Addition and subtraction tests make the tedious Math interesting for kids too.

Easy to assemble and safe to use, Quincy is the robot artist companion that all kids need.

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The leading STEM startup in China is known for its top quality educational and robot toys for children from the age of three and above.

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