LaNiyah Bailey and Her Parents Come Up with a Best and Worst List to Help Combat & Prevent Bullying

8-year-old, award-winning author LaNiyah Bailey and her parent's come up with a best and worst list to help parents and children effectively combat and prevent bullying." List includes several do’s and don’ts that will effectively help parents and children to banish bullying even before it starts.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- LaNiyah Bailey, the award winning 8-year-old author is proud to announce that she and her parents have written and put together a list of best and worst’s for parents and children to learn from. The list effectively outlines some of the best and worse courses of action that can be taken when bullying becomes an issue. The list can be used by parents and children to successfully combat and prevent bullying, without making many of the mistakes that people often do make when it comes to sensitivity and conflict. LaNiyah Bailey has recently appeared on the “Ricki Lake Show” in Los Angeles, CA, and tours schools around the world with her “Stand Up” anti-bullying curriculum. As an author and anti-bullying advocate, LaNiyah Bailey strongly disagrees with bullying, and works with parents and children alike to help prevent bullying wherever possible. Bullying is such a sensitive and precious topic as LaNiyah experienced bullying because, of her weight for years. She found the strength at the young age of 6 and decided to take a stand against an issue that leaves lifelong scars.

LaNiyah Bailey has also written two highly-acclaimed children’s books, entitled “Not Fat Because I Wanna Be” and “Stand Up! Bully Busters Coming To Town.” Both of her books have received outstanding praise and testimonials from readers, as well as being featured on several media outlets and review sites. Her book “Not Fat Because I Wanna Be” has also been cataloged in several libraries around the country and also added to the 3rd-8th grade curriculum at the Avalon English Institute in Seoul, Korea.

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About LaNiyah Bailey
Seven year old author/youth advocate, LaNiyah Bailey was introduced to the world by way of NPR Radio it was after she and her parents appeared on Michel Martin’s show “Tell Me More.” Broadcast in over 500 cities; it lead a world-wide discussion in support of President Barack Obama’s anti-bullying initiative and the epidemic of Bulling in America, March 15, 2011. Shortly thereafter, her phone began ringing off the hook. Major media outlets such as CNN, FOX, NBC, BET, WGN, AOL, ABC, Huffington’s Post and many others throughout the world; including London and Korea. They wanted to know more about this young girl’s “inspiring courage” after she penned the highly-acclaimed children’s book “Not Fat Because I Wanna Be” along with her mother LaToya “Toyiah Marquis” White and illustrator Laura Pérez Ricaud.

The book detailed the story of fictional character Jessica. Jessica was bullied because of her weight which was caused by an underlying medical condition, which caused her to gain weight even though she was very, healthy and active. At such a young age Jessica had to endure some painful and unhappy times. Since the books release in March 2011, LaNiyah has been featured in magazines, interviewed on 100’s of radio shows, blogs and TV shows. The book has garnered “5-star reviews” across the board and is currently in lesson plans in schools throughout the United States, London and Korea. Ms. Bailey recently, received what is a “dream come true” to her. She recently received a letter from the first lady of our nation. Mrs. Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama expressed her support in LaNiyah’s efforts and appreciates that LaNiyah and her family is standing with her in her childhood obesity initiative and awareness.

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