Lapel Pins Planet Offers Free Shipping on Orders over $25

Lapel Pins Planet is offering free shipping for pushpins orders over $25 and other deals you can find on their site.


Coventry, RI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2018 -- Lapel Pins Planet, one of the largest sellers of lapel pins online, is announcing that all orders over $25 in the United States will now include free shipping. The company offers a wide variety of pushpins which can be purchased from their online store. Many of the visitors to the site are looking for something as a gift, a party favor, a reward for a deed or good work or something else. Consumers have the opportunity to buy in bulk or buy something individually. Selections include animals, art, coffee, compasses, flowers, important moments in history, household accessories as well as earrings, magnets and more.

"We get all kinds of requests whether it's someone who needs a single trophy pin or needs to buy in bulk. So, what makes us different then other online stores? Selection, quality of our merchandise and our commitment to excellent service. The reason we've been around for years and the reason so many people enjoy our products is because they always know that they can find something unique from our online store and that they are getting exactly what they ordered and made of the finest possible quality. Our customers love their purchases and soon buy more as gifts for friends and family. If someone has a passion or serious interest in something, these items are a great gift for them and will mean a lot to them." Lapel Pins Planet Representative

These handcrafted lapel pins are designed and created by the Clift family and are available for purchase directly from their site. Several options including ornaments, magnets and keyrings are popular as gifts and there is a large selection of each that is found on the site under other gifts. Pushpins and compasses are another great choice as these unique options come with a special message and can also be utilized as an actual compass.

"We want to offer something different. That's the key to these products and what Jim Clift and his family can offer. We are always adding new options including a trophy pin, new animals, new accessories and more. We hope that the visitors will follow us on social media so that they can check out sales we are offering or new items as they become available."

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Lapel Pin Planet is owned by artist and creator Jim Clift and is managed by his family. The Clift family believes in offering high-quality, affordable pins and accessories that can be purchased for personal enjoyment or as a great gift. Each option is handcrafted and available online. If you would like to learn more about these options or make a purchase in bulk, please contact the company directly for shipping and pricing information.