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Lara Nichols Agency an Online Fashion Broker Consulting in the Fashion Industry of South East Asia

Lara Nichols Agency offers integrated marketing services for high-end, luxury fashion & lifestyle brands.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Lara Nichols Agency offers integrated marketing services for high-end, luxury fashion & lifestyle brands. It is the ideal partner for aspiring brands to branch out to be more profitable and long existence in the industry. There are lots of brands globally, competing fiercely for a small share of the consumers’ market.

The problem is every new brand worthy in the market may not always know how to best manage their brands. They may not have a clear brand identity and image, may not want to reinforce their brand aura, do not have a strong web presence, overlook their competitors' brand strategies; they think that marketing is the same as advertising and promotions! They think branding is marketing!

Most upcoming brand or even those already in the mainstream market, failed or are finding their business going down the drains because they have failed to unlock the potential of their brands. They do not have a clue on market trends and consumer behaviour. And sadly, retail their goods to low end retail locations just to get their products sold or be in the stores.

This happened a lot today in the luxury market of the fashion and lifestyle industry. Many new designers and lifestyle brands out there are struggling to survive or even make it in a savaged competitive market of the retail world. They either make it or break it and if they make it, must find ways to sustain their brand and continue growth. If they do not make it, they have to start all over again and if they are lucky; know where they went wrong and improvised. Either way, both have to part with huge amount of dollars to get started and to keep their brands alive unless they are already known in the market or have famous last names to capitalize on such as celebrities.

For brands that are starting up and want to secure their spot in such a competitive market, but have all the dilemmas of making it; Lara Nichols Agency provides them with the solutions.

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Lara Nichols Agency extensive experience and expertise in the industry serves their client well from the initial conception stage to development and launch of their clients’ products, brands and services. Lara Nichols Agency provides their clients with customized solutions and integrated services that best serve their clients’ needs.

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