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LARA Opens Up New Ways for Scientific and Technical Research Development


Wetzikon, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2016 -- Newly launched, Laboratory Automation & Robotics Association (LARA) opens up new ways for Scientific and Technical Research Development by offering a platform where Scientific and Technical Researchers and Experts will come together in one place in order to help each other find solutions to the complex requirements of laboratory automation.

LARA is basically a Swiss-based non-profit organization but its aim is not to stay limited to the Swiss researchers and experts only, but the widely experienced and highly qualified team of LARA wants to connect all the different laboratory automation related experts and researchers from all over the world on one platform; and to fully help them in all aspects in order to ease research work and progress towards finding solutions to several laboratory automation related problem.

The team that is behind this Swiss-based non-profit organization includes Artur Markus – Who is currently the honorary President of LARA; Haris Kos - the current Vice President of LARA; Dr. Martin Winter – the Director of LARA; and Roger Bachmann – the Actuary / Treasurer of LARA. This shows that the entire main team behind LARA is highly educated, highly qualified, well experienced and skilled; and they fully understand the importance of research and development in a society.

"Our society has given a lot to us, this is the time when we have started feeling that, it's our responsibility to give something back to the society as well. This is the reason why we have established this non-profit organization to help researchers and experts easily communicate and come up with solutions to the complex requirements of laboratory automation. Currently, we are in not spread globally, but very soon LARA will go Global and we will give the chance to all the researchers and experts in the world to contribute to finding the solutions to the complex requirements of laboratory automation; so keep supporting us", stated the spokesperson of Laboratory Automation & Robotics Association (LARA).

The good thing about LARA is that it will not only aid in research and development but as all the different experienced and less experienced professionals, researchers and experts will come together on one platform, the employment opportunities will also increase.

So, this for more information regarding Laboratory Automation & Robotics Association (LARA) services and contact details, please go to

About Laboratory Automation & Robotics Association
Laboratory Automation & Robotics Association (LARA) is a Swiss-based non-profit organization that aims at accelerating scientific and technical research by supporting communication and interaction between experts and users of laboratory automation solutions.

Contact: Martin Winter
Laboratory Automation
& Robotics Association
Im Pfadacher 7
8623 Wetzikon