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Large European Retailer Schwarz-Gruppe Aquires Invies.Com


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- In the world of business every now and again a firm comes along with a golden touch that simply puts them light years ahead of the competition. German retailer Die Schwarz-Gruppe has proved themselves to be such a company. It has already conquered Europe. Now they have acquired the website as part of its strategy to establish a virtual presence in US market. Physical stores will follow in the next year.

According to retail market analysts Die Schwarz-Gruppe seems to be unstoppable on its way to becoming the largest retailer in Europe taking over the number one spot from Carrefour. It achieved a turnover of 67.6 billion euros in 2012/2013. This number is expected to grow to over 80 billion by 2018.

About Die Schwarz-Gruppe
Die Schwarz-Gruppe is the parent company of Lidl, a true giant with more than 10,000 stores in different European countries. It also owns Kaufland which has more than1,000 branches across Europe, most of them in Germany. Schwarz Gruppe E-Commerce, is a sister company of Lidl specializes in online sales.

The group is known as a food retailer but also carries considerable stock of non-food items that changes from time to time. Its recipe for success is quite simple. They sell quality articles at very affordable prices.

It has been known for some time that the group wants to take the US market by storm in the next year and plans to have 100 stores in the United States by 2018. Acquiring can be seen as a step in this direction.

During its launch period the online store will offer promotional prices on a variety of articles. Die Schwarz-Gruppe is known as a formidable discounter and their promotions are always something to look forward to.

Shopping on the site will be safe and easy. There will be a big variety of products on offer at low prices.

A member of the Schwartz family started the company in the 1930s and with a strategy of making vital food items available at discounted prices in poorer areas it showed meteoric growth. With good business sense and skill it was soon able to spread its wings throughout Europe. The group now has a very strong presence in every member country of the European Union excluding the Baltic States.

Its journey into America is sure to be an adventure to watch with interest. Keep an eye on . The site is sure to give a very good indication of things to come in the US retail environment.

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