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Larger-Than-Life Novel Fuses Rednecks & Folklore in Search for One Woman's Meaning of Life


Farmington, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- Bigfoot. Sasquatch, Momo; just a few of the many names for the ape-like creature that’s captivated humans for centuries. Believed to inhabit the American Northwest, the creature’s impact on society is bold to say the least. In a gripping new novel by Pamela Foster, Bigfoot’s influence on humankind and the love it often misses is depicted with stark clarity.

Set in Northern California ‘Bigfoot Blues’ follows the adventures of a bigfoot hunter’s daughter as she finds her own path through the culture into which she was born. More than just a novel; it’s a reminder that searching for life’s truths can uncover the most unexpected discoveries.


Samantha is a pretty, spirited bartender who manages VD’s with her on-again-off-again boyfriend and business partner, Hawk. Although the bar is named for their dads (Victor and David), “half the kids in the county phone at least once to giggle some perceived original query.” The Indian, as Sam calls Hawk, is half Yurok and all philanderer, with an appetite for loose women and booze that threatens to ruin any chance of a relationship between the two. Still, Sam isn’t ready to give up on Hawk—yet.

When a finely-dressed, big-city author named Mark Nielson wanders into the bar one evening for a meeting of the believers, the locals expect trouble. But Sam can’t help but be swayed by the sexy stranger with “eyes the color of that variegated moss along a late summer river,” especially after the shabby treatment she’s received from Hawk. Sweet talk and flowers wear down her guard, and soon Sam has a new beau.

When the relationship suddenly takes an awkward turn, Sam’s allegiance to her beloved father is placed in doubt. Filled with misplaced guilt, Sam begins to question her own beliefs, while fiercely rushing to the defense of her dad. Armed with her .38 and a plan to set things right, Sam leads her city-born suitor into the backwoods wilderness, with Georgia-bred Bubba and childhood friend Lefty trailing behind for support. But none of the four suspects the enormity of the adventure that awaits the group—and the discoveries that will forever change them.

Full of humorous asides and swelling with redneck pride, Bigfoot Blues blends together an eclectic group of believers and nonbelievers for an offbeat but delightfully satisfying tale.

While it grips readers with its mythical creature undertones, Foster hopes her book will impart a valuable life lesson.

“We often judge small, insular groups of people based on our own prejudices and preferences. But the world is a bigger place than we imagine and inhabited by all kinds of creatures and all sorts of love,” says Foster, who grew up immersed in the allure of Bigfoot while staying with her Grandparents in Humboldt County.

Discussing the narrative further, she adds, “It’s layered with issues of faith and love of family and the difficulties of becoming your own person without rejecting the people who raised you.”

The unusual use of Bigfoot’s status appears to be charming audiences everywhere.

“We too often fail to see the love and joy that surrounds us. Pam Foster’s book, Bigfoot Blues, explores this truth in a story about one woman’s search to understand the meaning of her life and her place in it. The book takes us on a wild romp through the ancient forests of northern California. By the end, you’ll believe in the adventure—and possibly in Sasquatch, too,” says Greg Camp, a renowned author and English Professor.

Sharonlee, a Bigfoot Field Reporter also sang praises, saying, “Bigfoot Blues is wonderfully written from a woman’s point of view. The characters are well developed and the story line is consistently entertaining. Pamela has created Samantha as a strong, independent and sensual woman. Pamela is the Danielle Steele of Bigfoot authors.”

With overwhelming success, Foster’s work is ensuring that humans will never give up searching for Bigfoot or their own purpose in life.

‘Bigfoot Blues’ is available now on Amazon. For more information,visit the author’s official website: http://pamelafosterspeakerwriter.wordpress.com/

About Pamela Foster
Pamela Foster was born and raised in Eureka, California, where her family has worked and raised all manner of trouble for eight generations. She married and raised three sons while earning a degree from Humboldt State University. At forty, she began her life as a nomad. She lived in Hilo, Hawaii; the Caribbean coast of Mexico; the Arizona desert; the jungles of Panama; and the Ozark Mountains. In between moves she and her husband spent six months backpacking through Thailand, Nepal, and Vietnam.