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Largo Model and Talent Launches Los Angeles Premier Model Management and Representation Service


West Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2012 -- For those in the modelling industry, Los Angeles is like the centre of the known universe; a Mecca for all those who want to make it big in one of the most competitive, cut-throat industries on earth. While hundreds of thousands may try to break into the entertainment scene, a tiny fraction actually make it. Is it their looks, work ethic, determination? More often than not, it’s actually quality management.

The modelling industry is complex, and it’s often a case of ‘who you know’ being more important than ‘what you know’. Connections are vitally important to open doors and secure access to opportunities. Those with the best networks, most highly placed connections and greatest understanding of the industry and those within it are sure to make their clients succeed.

A team that’s managing to deliver just that is Largo Model and Talent, a brand new specialist talent management and development company with a focus on placing models into the entertainment industry. A new company, Largo still manages to leverage the skills and expertise of their experienced management team to get fantastic results for clients of all shapes and sizes. Quickly developing a reputation in the Los Angeles modelling scene for being able to open doors for clients that other agencies cannot, it can’t be a surprise that more and more aspiring stars are turning to Largo for the extra help they require.

The entertainment industry is perhaps the most difficult industry in the country in which to succeed. Unlike other professions, there is no college degree that guarantees entry, nor is it true that all those who are particularly beautiful or talented succeed either. Regardless of a natural attributes a model may possess, a combination of hard work, dedication, luck and an extremely gifted management team must all conspire to ensure the best chance possible for success. Largo Model and Talent ensures that at least one of these factors is guaranteed; that of a committed and competent management agency with access to all the best industry contacts. For those with a strong desire to succeed, Largo Model and Talent can be the difference between reaching that stars and falling painfully short.

So for all those with a dream and the dedication with which to see it through, it’s impossible to go past the edge that the team behind Largo Model and Talent provide. An experienced team delivering amazing results, Largo is ready and willing to make dreams a reality.

About Largo Model and Talent
Largo Model and Talent is one of the premier model and talent agencies servicing the Greater Los Angeles area, specifically focused on placing models in the competitive entertainment industry. Known for achieving outstanding results on behalf of clients of all types, the Largo team offer a dedicated, experienced management team with great industry contacts and the ability to open doors that would otherwise remain closed. For those looking for an expert, hard working management team with insider knowledge of the L.A entertainment industry, it’s impossible to go past Largo Model and Talent.

For more information, visit http://www.facebook.com/largomodelandtalent