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Roselle Park, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- Good news awaits larp enthusiasts. Buying larp armor and larp weapons has never been easier. is the place where fanatics of larping can find everything that they ask for.

On the above mentioned address, one can find excellent larp accessories of the most exquisite brands that include Faun-Forge leather armor along with products that belong to Forgotten Dreams and Epic armory.

To order larp supplies, a person simply needs to make an account on Then simply all the items can be easily purchased. Variety of items are available that include metal armors, armor sets, leather armors, breastplates, greaves, helmets, leg armors along with chest and torso pieces.

However, one needs to be careful as these latex weapons can cause damage in real life as well. LarkExchange also provides the best quality one- handed swords, daggers, shields, axes, spears, staves, hammers, maces, throwing weapons along with two- handed swords.

One thing that is a must for larping is the clothing that is required for it. For an individual who wishes to be taken seriously in the larping world has to have proper attire for it.

LarpExchange is proud to announce their larp clothing gear that includes medieval hoods, women’s pirate shirts, renaissance breeches, swordsman pants, authentic tabards, tunics, cloaks, coats and gambesons.

For an individual to be a part of the larping world, he/she needs to have an interest in fantasy especially medieval fantasy characters. The idea of larping has been taken from video games such as Left for Dead as well as from the Hollywood creation of Dawn of the Dead.

Larp basically stands for a live action role playing game where the players not only play virtually but they act in their respective characters in real life as well. A specific setting is planned for example a medieval wedding. Then players set up goals and act them out in each of their characters.

The players can take up roles from being a hobbit to a wizard. The rules of the game are worked upon by event arrangers who are referred to as game masters. Their work is to decide upon the setting along with the rules that need to be followed. Individuals that take part in larping need to completely immerse themselves in the character they have chosen for themselves.

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Larp Exchange provides high quality, beautiful larp armor and larp weapons to live action role playing groups and cosplayers.

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