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Larson Air Conditioning Reveals 5 Ways Homeowners Can Ease Into AC Replacement

Air conditioning knowledge before purchasing is key


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2019 -- When homeowners learn it is time to replace their AC systems, panic and questions sometimes arise. And since AC replacement isn't an everyday occurrence (thank goodness), Larson Air Conditioning wants to both calm and educate customers on what is important when shopping for a new system.

So homeowners, take heed! When air conditioning replacement in Phoenix or Scottsdale is imminent, understanding what is involved in a new system is critical. To help make the transition from one system to the next easier, the experts at Larson Air Conditioning are sharing some inside knowledge.

Know These 5 Things Before Replacing an AC System

1. Choose the right size system.

2. Select a system that is energy efficient—typically an Energy Star option with a high SEER rating will perform flawlessly.

3. Talk to family and friends about their AC systems. Understand what they like and what to avoid.

4. Do not choose a system based on price. Sometimes the best models cost a bit more money than their cheaper counterparts.

5. Look for special features such as smart thermostats and filter change indicator lights.

Phoenix is known for being the hottest city in the U.S. during the summer months. But with Larson Air Conditioning as a homeowner's partner, the summer heat can feel cool and bearable. The trusted, family-owned team of Larson experts is always available for cooling service and repairs. From air conditioning installation in Phoenix to indoor air quality solutions in Scottsdale, this team leaves homes filled with cool comfort.

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