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Las Vegas Ammunition Supplier Announces Brand New, Highly Accurate Bullet


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- Bite the Bullet, LLC has launched a product that will appeal to gun owners who are looking for a cleaner, faster, more accurate shot. The new bullets created by Bite the Bullet, LLC is colored, coated, and as cheap as traditional copper plated bullets.

The bullets, which have a certified 6/2 lead alloy center, are coated in a unique polymer powder coating available in a variety of colors. The projectiles are safe for indoor ranges, creating less smoke and less mess. Since the hard polymer shell protects the bullet from damage, the bullet smoothly moves through the bore while remaining intact. This allows for a faster, more accurate shot without exposure to lead dust.

Bite the Bullet, LLC’s newest product can easily handle speeds of 1,500 feet per second with no lead left behind, as well as no exposure to copper fouling or lubricants. The new ballistic bullet also has another huge advantage for firearm enthusiasts: the cleaner round means longer times between gun cleanings.

The premium-grade bullet is cheaper than most ammunition, while remaining at optimal weight and dimension. Bite the Bullet, LLC plans to release a glow-in-the dark version of the coated projectiles soon.

About Bite the Bullet, LLC
Bite the Bullet, LLC, which recently celebrated their first anniversary, is a ammunition supplier to The Gun Store, a world-famous Las Vegas firearm and ammunition retailer. Bite the Bullet, LLC offers vendor pricing on ammunition and components for dealers, distributors, and wholesalers. Wholesale powder is available on a monthly basis, and Bite the Bullet, LLC looks forward to offering brass processing services in the near future.

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