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Las Vegas Artist Rocks the Boat and the Vote with Political Satire


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2016 -- DISHING IT OUT 2016 is a 10 month long series of socially engaging art events, organized and curated by Diane Bush, a globally published and exhibited artist, from Buffalo, N.Y., now living in Las Vegas. The goal is to entertain, while encouraging involvement in our political process by holding monthly art exhibits and events leading up to a cheeky patriotic art carnival. The project will culminate after polls close on November eighth. That night, at 7:00 p.m. the doors will open to the last exhibit called "The Final Tally", where artists and art aficionados can watch the election night results come in, amidst art and Mexican culinary delightgs. While enjoying the humor that political satire provides, this project is brazenly promoting Free Speech, registering voters, and helping the public deal with pre -presidential election stress.

Having grown up politically active during the late 60s, and having been hounded by the F.B.I. for her activism, a kitschy Presidential souvenir plate impressed Ms. Bush as a new means of expression. "I was inspired to revisit my 2008 political event "The ImBLEACHment of George W. Bush", but instead, decided to hold a patriotic art carnival in where the public can smash commemorative art plates, in a campy atmosphere". The last presidential candidate debate is scheduled to be held in Las Vegas on October 19th.

For diversification, Bush invited artists across the nation to create work in any medium, representing each candidate for possible fabrication as ceramic plates, as well as artwork about American politics. Because artists were not overly enthusiastic about depicting candidate drop outs, the seven limited edition sets (16 plates each) produced from submitted art will represent the NUMBER of original candidates, and not necessarily the candidates themselves.

At the October 2016 First Friday carnival, folks can smash plates (or not) and keep the results. Abandoned shards will be donated to a community FREE SPEECH mosaic. Simultaneously, there will be live entertainment providing patriotic music, poets, Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty will pose for pictures, while face painting, and food trucks will round out the scene. Rock the Vote volunteers will ask participants to register, (as they have at every exhibit and event) and encourage them to vote. Las Vegas is one-third Hispanic, and many are just reaching voting age. Plus it all gets videotaped.


1. January: MUG SHOTS, the first DISHING IT OUT 2016 exhibit at Brett Wesley Gallery, in Las Vegas, Nevada, launched the project. A limited edition of ceramic mugs with Trump's face were for sale.

2. February: MUG SHOTS #2 was shown at Drays, Arts Factory, Las Vegas (Bernie Mugs)

3. March/April: MUG SHOTS #3 was shown at the Left of Center Gallery, Las Vegas (Hillary Mugs)

4. April: MUG SHOTS #4 was exhibited in Jana's Room, Arts Factory, Las Vegas. (all 3 mugs)

5. May was exhibit free, in exchange for a public participation street performance during the Las Vegas First Friday Event, called "Inflated Dreams/Broken Promises". Ms. Bush invited the public to pop red, white, and blue balloons stuffed with broken promises ( the Equal Rights Amendment, A chicken in every pot, various treaties, No Child Left Behind, etc.) if they first shared a dream America could still fulfill. Search on YouTube "Diane Bush"

6. June/July: These months will feature the unveiling of the ceramic commemorative plates that Ms. Bush has created, along with original artworks from artists across the country, in an exhibit called "VANITY PLATES" at the Sahara West Gallery, in Las Vegas. In late June Ms. Bush was invited to HALLWALLS, in Buffalo, N.Y., to present the project's progress and conduct an artist's talk.

7. August: Small exhibit in Wonderland Gallery ,the Arts Factory, Las Vegas

8. September: First Friday event to "Dish OuT" food to the homeless, register new voters, sell raffle tickets for plates, and distribute invites to the last two events, while winners of the Election Limerick contest recite their limericks.

9. October: Art Carnival as described above

10. November: THE LAST TALLY, at UV gallery

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Diane Bush
Phone: 702-502-7220