Las Vegas-Based Attorneys Use the Law to Lift Clients' Burdens

Piet & Wright, LLC has wide arch of expertise, covers broad geographical region


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- Like many in today’s economy, John Smith (not his real name) found himself in financial hot water. Like many homeowners, he purchased a family home—then watched its value diminish. “That was something I certainly didn’t foresee,” he says. “I’d always been taught that real estate was a good investment. But the market in Nevada was hit hard, and the value of our house dropped like a rock. Not only did we lose equity, but found ourselves underwater.” To add insult to injury, Smith found himself a casualty of Carson City’s Chromalloy layoffs. “Overnight, everything changed,” the 37-year-old tool designer says. “The bright future I thought I had? Well, it felt like it was circling the drain.”

Visions of ruin swirling in his mind, Smith contacted Piet & Wright, Attorneys at Law. “I was just at the end of my rope,” he says. “We’d sunk our savings in to the house—and were afraid my severance wasn’t going to cover our bills, let alone keep the family fed, for very long.” Dogged by a sense of personal failure, Smith quickly found his concerns allayed by attorney John Piet. “Nevada leads the country in personal bankruptcy filing,” Piet notes. “We’re not talking about deadbeats, either. Hardworking people find themselves behind the eight-ball with few options.” Indeed, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that the rate of unemployment in Nevada significantly outstrips the national rate; the average unemployment rate nationwide is 7.8 percent, Nevada’s rate is 11.8. “It’s shocking,” Piet concedes. “But worse, it’s incredibly demoralizing for the hard workers who find themselves between a rock and a hard place. For those who’ve lost their jobs and face losing their homes—in a state where home values have been particularly hard-hit, bankruptcy can provide much-needed relief.”

For John Smith and his family, that relief was immediately palpable. “I can’t tell you,” Smith’s wife Cindy reports, “how quickly John changed. After talking with Piet & Wright, it literally looked like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. With Piet & Wright’s help, we got the relief we needed, when we needed it. John hasn’t yet found another job—but we now are confident that, with my income, his severance, and our savings, we can make it.”

Piet & Wright, LLC helps many navigate the frightening waters of personal bankruptcy. But their legal expertise does not end there. Partners John Piet and Todd Wright have a broad range of expertise. “We really do our best,” Wright says, “to provide the best legal care possible,” covering practice areas including business litigation, divorce, family law, DUI defense, personal injury, criminal defense, corporate and real estate law, probate, labor and employment law, and guardianship/administrative law.

“We’re proud,” Piet admits, “that in addition to having broad experience and expertise, we serve clients spanning a huge geographical territory.” Most recently, Piet & Wright announced their eligibility to practice law in Texas. “Now,” Piet says, “we are available in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston.”

If that weren’t impressive enough, Piet & Wright offers their business litigation, business and corporate formation, civil litigation, family law, criminal law, and bankruptcy practices in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Utah.

Piet & Wright invites those with legal needs to visit their website,, to learn more about the practice. There, you can find biographies of the partners, learn more about their practice areas, read client testimonials, and find contact information for each of their many locations.

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