Women Are Potentially More Susceptible to DUI

Due to the different ways women process alcohol, they can feel greater effects


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata reports that due to many different physiological factors, there is some evidence that women feel greater effects from alcohol than men. Additionally, many of field sobriety tests conducted by arresting officers are calibrated for men, providing an inaccurate reading when they are subsequently conducted on women. Click on the link for more detail on a Las Vegas DWI attorney.

Women are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol due to various factors, including the lower amount of water in a woman’s body and a diminished amount of the enzymes that is required to metabolize alcohol. Combined, these two factors make it more likely that an equal amount of alcohol will have a greater effect on women than on men.

What that means for DUIs is that women have to be extra careful regarding the amount of alcohol they drink and the amount of time that lapses between drinking and driving. Given that women metabolize alcohol slower, a greater amount of time is required between drinking and driving than would be required with men.

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