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Attorney Guide Launches New Attorney Search Feature

How to find the right Nevada Attorney for you.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- It has never been easier to find the exact qualifications in a Reno and Las Vegas Lawyer than with and the patented attorney search feature. Attorney Guide strives to make the process easier for clients needing a qualified, ethically certified attorney. Using the new attorney search feature enables clients to connect to the lawyers they need without weeks or hours of extensive, and sometimes expensive, leg work and research. Potential clients can find a lawyer with their specific needs by area, expertise and specific case type. All of the Attorney Guide family of attorneys is also ethically certified to the highest standards. Thus ensuring only the best and most ethical lawyers make it to our valuable clients.

Before a client even accesses Attorney Guideā€™s attorney search feature, has taken hours of research out of the equation. Only attorneys who show a proven record of excellence qualifies to receive the ethical certification. This record is verified by Attorney Guide every 60 days, and includes a significant win ratio, good standing in the state bar and no public disciplinary actions. This ensures that every option available to clients is a rock solid attorney with a strong ethical background.

After saving hours of background checks and basic legwork, the attorney search feature really gets into gear. Allowing potential clients to access hundreds of attorneys listed to their specific needs. From criminal law to business law, immigration to corporate law, and narrowed down further by case specifics. This lets potential clients find their ideal attorney in minutes, not hours or days, and is the true strength of Helping clients find a lawyer that meets their exact specifications faster than it has ever been possible.

To find the an ethically certified attorney in Reno or Las Vegas to help you visit the Attorney Guide website here.