Las Vegas Real Estate Is Becoming Popular

By comparing the year 2007’s statistics with today’s statistics, it is obvious that the real estate market in Las Vegas is starting to get better.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- The Las Vegas real estate market is becoming a popular market once again, as buyers are starting to show appeal for new homes and foreclosures. This is resulting in a disappearing inventory of properties. Prices are slowly increasing and investment companies are eyeing Las Vegas as a premier location again. Now, with that said, this can be a limited time adventure for buyers, so if a property is found, grab it up fast, advises Ashley McCormick of

During the early 2000’s, Las Vegas was prime real estate as far as the market was concerned, which included both buyers and sellers. As the economy collapsed, so did the real estate market, which felt it, especially in 2007. Some of the properties that were part of this crash resulted in a surplus of foreclosures of homes and condos. During the lowest part of this market decline, these foreclosures dropped prices as far as 62 percent lower than the peak year of sales of 2006. This has been changing since the end of 2012 and was foretold could continue into the following year.

As predicted, it looks like the year 2013 will continue to see the list of foreclosures dwindle and will remain down as they were at the end of 2012, which is good news for investors. CNBC has estimated that foreclosed properties have dropped by as much as 29% since the beginning of this year and continue to do so. 1 out of 10 buyers are foreign investors, or cash buyers. There are waiting lists beginning to develop for these homes for sale in Las Vegas, which is great for sellers, and McCormick recommends now is the time to buy while prices are low. Investors can now be a part of the new growth period of Las Vegas in such areas that include Henderson, Nevada homes for sale.

So, investors should be ready to pounce on properties today when it comes to real estate in Las Vegas. CNNMoney, and other agencies have stated that Las Vegas homes for sale are among the “Top 10 Real Estate Investing Opportunities” today. Investors and buyers are doing their homework and tracking travel destinations, which McCarren airport shows as breaking records when it comes to international travelers due to low cost airlines making it their hub. They even opened up an additional terminal last June to accommodate the extra travelers. Investors will find they can use these properties as cash flow income rentals or buyers can attain second homes.

It only makes sense to buy property that continues to grow and make the top 10 list with companies that advise travelers such as, and a home to upcoming and already popular internet companies as McCormick suggests that buyers be ready to write offers or purchase multiple properties at once as she is seeing as many as 100 or more offers for properties a day. Go online and check out these great homes for sale in Summerlin Las Vegas and don’t forget about Lake Las Vegas real estate.

It is important however, that while the market is still in its transition phase, interested investors should contact an experienced agent who is aware of what and where properties are most viable in the market. Ashley McCormick understands the market prices today and where they are headed for the future. She has an outstanding reputation as one of the best when negotiating for interested parties for foreclosed homes as well as new properties. Investors can find Henderson Nevada homes for sale, and see what they have to offer.

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