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Laser Cap Therapy Available at Pistone Hair Restoration


Marlton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2015 -- Pistone Hair Restoration of Marlton, NJ, has earned an excellent reputation for surgical hair transplant procedures like NeoGraft in Philadelphia. However, some individuals dealing with hair loss may not be ready for surgery, whether they'd like to explore other options or their thinning hair is not yet severe enough to warrant surgery. Pistone Hair Restoration offers comprehensive solutions in the form of non-surgical hair treatments. One such non-surgical treatment that they offer is laser cap therapy, an exciting new breakthrough in the field of hair replacement for women and men in New Jersey.

Thinning hair affects half of all men and a quarter of women. Although thinning hair can create negative self-perception and decreased confidence, many people suffering from thinning hair may not want to commit to the time and expense of surgery right away. Laser cap therapy is a safe, effective, non-surgical solution that can be used at home.

The laser cap is a low-level laser therapy device that contains 272 laser diodes and can be worn inside a cap or hat. The laser energy targets thinning hair at the follicle, the site of growth, by stimulating the follicles to encourage cellular respiration, reduce inflammation and promote the release of toxins. The cap also strengthens muscles connected to the hair follicles. By encouraging hair follicle health, the laser cap promotes the growth of thick, healthy hair.

The laser cap is worn for 30 minutes at a time, at frequencies ranging from three times a week to every other day. Patients will see visible improvements in the thickness of their hair around six months.

Those interested in solutions for thinning hair can contact Dr. Pistone to discuss which therapies are right for them. The Pistone Hair Restoration team can be reached at http://pistonehair.com/ or 856-988-8080.

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Pistone Hair Restoration, based in Marlton, NJ, has changed the lives of thousands of patients by performing hair transplantation and other cosmetic procedures with consistent care and professionalism. Dr. Gregory Pistone, a double-board certified surgeon specializing in hair restoration and dermatology, is a widely-recognized industry leader in embracing technological innovation. Using only cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Pistone restores his patients' confidence, youthfulness and vitality by paying careful attention to each patients' individual needs and balancing medical expertise with careful aesthetic assessment. For hair restoration results that are natural and beautiful, Pistone Hair Restoration has no equal.

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