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Laser Engraving Company Announces Grand Opening


North York, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- Engraved by Laser has announced its recent grand opening. The company offers numerous services for engraving various materials, such as wood, with lasers. The company will laser engrave gifts, pens, plaques, signs, and more, plus offers laser engraving machinery and information on the engraving process.

Providing links to popular informational sources on the web, the company’s website offers what both engravers and customers need to connect with the content they need. Laser engraving is a process that can be performed on various materials, including hardwood and softwood. Acrylic is the best form of plastic for being engraved in addition to other cast resins, while metals, stone, and glass are now suitable candidates for the process.

A lack of inks or tool bits reduces the risk of damaging the work surface and also eliminates the need to replace inks or bit heads, saving on costs. The process is carried out via dedicated machinery with a laser able to trace patterns using a controller or computer. The direction, speed, and intensity of the laser’s movement are precisely controlled according to the pattern to be etched. The spread of the laser beam is also an important factor.

Lasers are very efficient at converting light energy into heat, so a highly focused beam accurately places elements of a design onto a surface. Patterns are programmed into the controller and the path of the laser directed as a result. Because the path, speed, and intensity of the laser can be tracked, flexibility in design is possible and the exact amount of material can be removed based on the plan, without damage to undesired parts of a surface.

These precise methods are utilized by Engraved by Laser in a wide variety of services. Customers will find a dependable company to serve their engraving needs in a number of industries.

More information will be available on the new company’s website at

Engraved By Laser
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