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Laser Eye Surgery Information Packs and Consultations Now Available from Eye Adviser


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Many people around the world suffer from vision problems, including short sightedness, long sightedness, cataracts, and glaucoma. Although wearing contacts or glasses usually treats poor eyesight, there are many surgical options available for permanent results.

For the past few weeks, many individuals across the United Kingdom have started to consult Eye Adviser, a website dedicated to informing readers about laser eye surgery. The website, which just celebrated its launch, strives to be the number one laser eye surgery resource in the United Kingdom. Eye Adviser has already provided its visitors with more than 30 pages of content that include facts about laser eye procedures, surgery alternatives, and operation costs.

Eye Adviser recently announced their decision to offer visitors free laser eye surgery information packs and consultations. To take advantage of Eye Adviser’s free services, readers only need to fill out an online form. Eye Adviser then forwards the information to a laser eye specialist who can accommodate the request.

According to Eye Adviser, laser eye surgery is a quick and painless surgical procedure that restores perfect eyesight. The surgery is performed using a computer-controlled specialized laser system that removes tissues from the surface of the cornea or the bed right beneath it. This reshapes the cornea as needed to allow the correct degree of refraction in, which in turn allows light rays to be interpreted as images.

“The procedure is your best and fastest way to attain a perfect 20:20,” states an article on Eye Adviser. “Laser eye surgery corrects your vision problem and restores your eyesight to its perfect state, as if you’ve bought a pair of brand new eyes.”

Individuals interested in learning more information about laser eye surgery can visit Eye Adviser for more information. The website welcomes questions, suggestions, and feedback from all visitors.

About Eye Adviser
Eye Adviser is a website which offers two free laser eye surgery services—an information pack, consultation, or both—to anyone interested in the procedure. The website aims to help readers in their decision making process as to whether laser eye surgery is right for them. Eye Adviser is an expert in laser eye surgery and aims to help thousands of people get the information they need and find affordable laser eye surgery. For more information, please visit http://www.eyeadviser.co.uk