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Laser Hair Removal Advances in Dubai Healthcare City


Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group based in Dubai Healthcare City, a big international player in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery and an enthusiastic advocate and early adopter of the latest proven medical techniques, has recently taken delivery of one of the new generation medical lasers, a "Mixed Technology" aesthetic laser workstation from Quanta System of Italy.

Dr Allen Rezai, lead surgeon of Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group, explains: "The Duetto MT laser can combine two laser wavelengths in a single emission with programmable pulse duration, fluence and sequences.

This increases both the efficiency and safety of treatments including a decrease in the time taken and an increase in the resultant treatment quality. From a single MT laser workstation the operator has access to Nd:YAG, Alexandrite and Er:YAG systems, together with the possibility of using Nd:YAG and Alexandrite in combination. This results in the ability to undertake a large range of vascular, skin rejuvenation and hair removal treatments, including skin photo-rejuvenation, laser skin resurfacing, and the removal of thread veins and scars."

"Apart from the wide range of treatments that the MT laser enables us to perform, it also means that we can work with a very wide range of skin types, from very pale skin through to the darker skin types typically found in the Middle East and Asia," says Dr Rezai.

Perhaps the most well-known cosmetic laser application is laser hair removal, which is today enjoying a surge in popularity with women. An increasing number of male laser hair removal procedures are also being performed in the UAE. Laser hair removal is frequently performed through the use of IPL, Nd:YAG or Diode laser systems operating in isolation, and the procedure is regularly carried out at medical spas or cosmetic surgery clinics. However the service provided by Dr Rezai's clinic provides an enhanced experience, not only by use of the latest technology, but also through the quality of service offered by his highly skilled professional medical team.

Laser Hair Removal is suitable for most people, enabling them to enjoy a permanent reduction in unwanted hair following treatment. Patients with light skin and dark hair typically benefit the most. Then follows those with medium coloured skin, and finally those with dark skin and dark hair.

Dr Rezai goes on to say that "Our Nd:YAG Laser is particularly suitable for achieving superior results when treating Asian and black skin types, whilst the Alexandrite Laser is ideally adapted to fair skin. These lasers can be used both in isolation or in combination to achieve the best result. Our experienced laser specialists will be able to advise potential patients on the likely outcome of their Laser Hair Removal procedure before they commit to a course of treatment."

More detailed information on cosmetic laser procedures, including a useful skin type classifier, can be obtained by visiting the Non-Surgical section on Elite Cosmetic Surgery Group's website at http://elitecosmeticsurgery.ae/

Dr Rezai's personal website is at: http://allenrezaimd.co.uk

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