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Laser Hair Removal Australia Launched to Help People Find Reputable Service Providers

Laser Hair Removal Australia has been created to provide an online resource for finding approved and reputable certified Laser Hair Removal specialists throughout Australia.


Sydney, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2014 -- Laser Hair Removal is a relatively new technique that uses focused lasers to eradicate hair follicles, and provides a more permanent solution to getting rid of hair. Results may vary, but between 65-95% of hair is permanently removed by the process, and takes a fraction of the time of more painful procedures like electrolysis. This advanced technology is only safely applied in the right hands however, and many salons are offering the treatment without being certified. Laser Hair Removal Australia is a resource center that allows people to find certified practitioners in their area to ensure their procedure is risk free.

The resource center (http://www.laserhair-removal.net.au) allows certified individuals to authenticate themselves on the site and list their locations in the database, which can then be used by individuals to search by area, rating or price to find the service they need according to their own priorities.

The listings service is simple and authentication means that users can trust every single listing to provide a certain standard of service. The site also allows users to review services they have used to recommend them to other users or caution them as to poor practice.

A spokesperson for www.LaserHair-Removal.net.au explained, “Laser hair removal is an amazing new technique but it’s also a very skilled technique, and access to laser hair removal devices is unfortunately not regulated, meaning some beauticians can simply pick one up and offer the service without knowing how to deliver. Our site guarantees that every listing is certified, making sure that whoever users choose, they will be choosing someone who is both safe and skilled. The site is simple and easy to use for both beauticians and users, creating a unique opportunity to connect to new markets for businesses, and for users to find new services that may become their go-to salon.”

About Laser Hair Removal Australia
Laser Hair Removal Australia is a site dedicated to helping people get access to quality services. The site brings together all of the certified and reputable laser hair removal clinics into one easily searchable database so individuals can find the closest and best establishments. With this service, people can rest assured they are making the right choice. For more information please visit: http://www.laserhair-removal.net.au/