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Laser Hair Removal Gives Lasting Results

Everybody has hair somewhere, the only place most people want it is on their heads this leads to regular hair removal rituals for both men and women. Did you know that modern technology can almost eradicate nuisance hair for most people? Get laser treatment and throw away your razors.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Before laser treatment, hair removal commonly involved at least one of the below methods maybe some people practice or two or even more hair removal methods. Some people are finding the can permanently stop the annoying hair removal rituals by using laser treatment. With laser removal high energy light bursts are used, these actually destroy hair follicles located beneath the skin, hair removal using lasers is very long-lasting and even permanent in some cases.

Laser treatment does not remove the hair instantly, it takes about 10 days for the dead hair to fall out. After 4-6 sessions most patients see very minimal hair growth on the treated area.

Waxing – Warm wax is applied, covered with a strip of fabric and then ripped off. The main issue with waxing is it's quite painful.

Shaving – Everyone knows what shaving involves, it's a very a cheap and effective method but results are usually very short-lived and the hairs will be more visible as the grow back.

Cream – Applying a depilatory cream will dissolve hairs. The hair can regrow quickly and have a stubbly appearance, creams can sometimes irritate sensitive skin can cause a red rash.

Unfortunately laser hair removal is not for everyone, some skin types and hair colours are not suitable for the treatment, people with very dark skin can even suffer burning so it is important to choose a reputable clinic.

One London laser clinic has invested in specialist equipment for hair removal, using a dedicated hair removal laser means the treatment does not hurt, not all clinics use this kind of laser, if your clinic uses a more general purpose laser the treatment will feel as though somebody is flicking you with an elastic band.

http://www.cityhairremoval.com are specialists in laser hair removal, they have staff who are highly trained in the use of laser technology, the London hair removal clinic say they have performed 15000 hours of laser hair removal.