Laser Marking for Every Occasion by All-Marks

Industries Served Include Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, Defense, Industrial, Medical, & Military


Reseda, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2016 -- Permanent laser marking is a necessary part of a wide variety of industries in the world today. Fast, efficient, and long-lasting, laser marking allows companies to easily identify parts and generate brand recognition. No company understands this better than All-Marks, whose laser marking systems are second to none. The California-based company boasts state-of-the-art equipment, priced competitively, for industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, Defense Industrial, Medical, & Military. All of their laser marking equipment is based on Fiber, Green, UV, CO2, and DPSS laser technologies.

Laser Marking is the bread and butter of All-Marks, a company that has been in business since 2006. They have carved out a sizable chunk of the laser marking market here in the United States with a combination of top notch equipment and excellent customer service.

"We are happy to serve such a wide range of industries. I firmly believe that doing work for such a diverse field of clients makes us better overall," explained Scott Wolfson, CEO of All-Marks. "While the equipment used may be different, or the surface with which we are working may change, we always provide the best solution for the project. For example, any one of our laser markers are compatible with all of the Class 1 enclosures and Class 4 Z-axis stand/tooling plate combos and laser fume extractors for a best value purchase. We relish in the opportunity to provide high quality equipment to each and every one of our clients on a regular basis."

About All-Marks
All-Marks began in 2006, with the goal of achieving total customer satisfaction. They accomplish this by consistently providing the highest level of service, world class support, and the best equipment for the task at hand with competitive pricing. In addition, the team at All-Marks maintains a dependably high degree of ethics, integrity and professionalism. Their machine catalog expands on a regular basis. Some Laser Markers they carry are AREX, SharpMark, UniQ, and IPG Photonics laser marker products. Ultimately, All-Marks has well-established plans to become a premier customer-centric company in the industry.