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Laser Spinal Operations Launches Location Database to Help People Find Relief Faster

Laser Spinal Operations is an online resource center for back pain relief, and has created a database of locations that offer laser spinal operations to make finding relief faster than ever.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2014 -- Back pain affects as many as four in five people during their lifetime, so it’s not surprising that the back pain relief industry is sprawling and overburdened with supposed miracle cures that are often ineffective in practice. However, the sheer frequency of the condition has meant that genuine medical procedures have also advanced rapidly in recent years. Laser spinal surgery provides a minimally invasive, maximally effective way to relieve many common causes of back pain, but can be hard to find. Laser Spinal Operations is a website that now has a resource center and patient coordinators to help people find their nearest reputable provider.

Laser Spine Surgery offers patients a minimally invasive outpatient procedure through network providers using endoscopic methodologies that make for the fastest possible results and recovery times. Lasers are powerful and precise enough to target and neutralize overactive nerves, chip away at malformed discs or growths that are compressing discs, to name but a few of the many applications.

The new database allows individuals to research and contact coordinators by phone to search on a state by state, city by city basis before being presented with a list of laser spine surgery centers, as endorsed by the Laser Spine Surgery Network. The network has partners all over the country, and can guide and advise individuals to find the right surgery to undertake their procedure.

A spokesperson for Laser Spinal Operations explained, “Individuals can now research and contact us for facilities throughout the country and hundreds of cities across America. The database provides an up to the minute guide of where spinal surgery is available after speaking to a spinal laser surgery specialist, who will take pains to understand the symptoms individuals are suffering from and put them in contact with the right surgery center to handle their procedure. The service is completely FREE to patients. There is no obligation and no pressure, just a simple, impartial advice service designed to get people the relief they need using the most advanced scientific techniques.”

About Laser Spinal Operations
Laser Spinal Operations was developed to help people suffering from back pain understand their conditions and find relief. As many as 4 out of 5 people will struggle with back pain, making it one of the most common problems adults face. Laser Spinal Operations provides a comprehensive resource center identifying methods of treatment so that individuals can find permanent and effective relief. For more information please visit: